Interlinking Honeywell SiXCOMBO Devices

Interlinking Honeywell SiXCOMBO Devices

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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows how you can interlink multiple Honeywell SiXCOMBO devices on the same Honeywell Lyric System so that they all begin sounding when only one of them is activated. This feature is commonly referred to as One-Go-All-Go. This is an important safety feature that helps ensure that all building occupants are alerted during a potentially life-threatening emergency. You can include all programmed SiXCOMBO devices and SiXSMOKE devices in the One-Go-All-Go network. You have the option of excluding some devices from the One-Go-All-Go network while including others if you want. However, there's very little reason not to have all your SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE sensors operating as One-Go-All-Go.

The Honeywell SiXCOMBO and Honeywell SiXSMOKE devices have 85 dB sounders built inside. These 85 dB sounders are actually just as loud as the 85 dB sounder inside the Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel. But the advantage to setting up a One-Go-All-Go network with all your SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE devices is that it will spread the sound out across a larger area. It may not make the sound any louder, but you can have a sounder in multiple rooms and hallways spread throughout the building. This can be very important if the system is being used in a larger home or business. Not to mention, any Honeywell SiXSIREN devices that you have set up with the system will also begin sounding. The SiXSIREN devices also have 85 dB sounders built inside.

For all programmed SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE devices, there is a toggle option within Honeywell SiX Sensor programming for One-Go-All-Go. You can turn it ON or OFF for each individual sensor that is enrolled with the Lyric Alarm System. In most cases, a user will simply enable the One-Go-All-Go feature for each SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE device that is enrolled with the Lyric, as there is virtually no reason to want to have every sensor begin sounding in the event of a fire or an outbreak of carbon monoxide gas.


Hi, DIYers. This is Michael from Alarm Grid, and today, I'm going to talk about how you can interlink multiple Honeywell SiXCOMBO combination smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors. By interlink I'm talking about the One-Go-All-Go feature. So this feature means that when you have multiple SiXCOMBO devices, as well as SiXSMOKE devices on your Honeywell Lyric alarm system and one of them activates-- that is, a SiXCOMBO detects high temperature smoke or carbon monoxide or your SiXSMOKE detects smoke or high heat-- one of the sensors activates. Then all of the other sensors programmed on the system that also have the feature enabled will also activate. These sensors have built in 85 decibels Sounders. And so having multiple sensors activate, it spreads the sound across the building further and it's more likely that the building occupants will be notified to the alarm. So this is important if you have a large home. Maybe you have a large business complex and you have a sensor activated but then you might not hear it on the other side of the building. Well, this will help ensure that everyone is notified because assuming you have your sensors placed out throughout the building, which you should-- these are life safety sensors-- then people will be notified, and they'll know to take action, and they'll know to get out of the building. So you can enable or disable this feature for each sensor individually. So if you have a sensor that you don't want to include in this One-Go-All-Go network, then you can take it off the network by doing the toggle option, which I'll show you in a second here. But typically most users want to have this enabled for all their sensors just because if there's a fire or a carbon monoxide outbreak, then it's important that everyone knows about it. So you want to have as much notice as possible. I guess you could also include the Honeywell SiXSIREN in the One-Go-All-Go network. Those will also activate along with the panel sounder. Those are also 85 decibels in terms of sound volume. But the SiXSIRENs, I mean, those are sirens that go along with the panels. So it's to be expected that they would activate. But you could also consider them part of the network. So really, you'll have your SiXCOMBOs, your SiXSMOKEs, your SiXSIRENs, and your Honeywell Lyric alarm system. They'll all be sounding there 85 decibels Sounders. If you need a louder siren maybe 85 decibels just doesn't cut it. I don't know, you're in an industrial complex or something and it's very loud, then you might consider adding a Z-Wave siren such as the QOLSYS IQ siren, which is 105 decibels. And if that doesn't cut it for you then you can look into hard wired options, maybe using a MIMOlite Z-Wave relay. So that's an option as well. But on the point of having the One-Go-All-Go, like I said, it's just to spread this sound out further. You're not necessarily going to get louder sound because it's all 85 decibels. But by spreading it out with multiple devices throughout your building, then you can help ensure that everyone is notified. Now, we have one SiXCOMBO enrolled with our Lyric System. It's already enrolled, but I'm going to show you where the toggle option is for the One-Go-All-Go. So let's get us into the menu. So we're at the main screen of our Lyric. Now, we're at the main screen of our Lyric. We're going to choose Security, and we're going to choose Tools, and then we're going to enter in our installer code, which ours is at the default of 4-1-1-2. We're going to choose Program, and then we're going to press the down arrow here, and we're going to choose SiX programming. That's for the SiXCOMBO devices and the SiXSMOKE devices. These are SiX series sensors, so they're shown in SiX programming. Now, you can see, we have this SiXSMOKE/CO. That's actually our SiXCOMBO device. So we're going to be working at that. So we're going to click on it. And we're going to choose Edit. We highlighted it blue, and then we press edit. That's how we got this menu. And you see, we have different services here that we can toggle on and off. Smoke, heat and CO. CO is carbon monoxide. And we can choose Alarm Report for those options. We want them all enabled, otherwise the system wouldn't send out a signal to the two AlarmNet so it can reach the central monitoring station when there is an alarm. So you generally want to have those enabled. And there's also a verify option for smoke, just to prevent false alarms if you have that enabled. But what we're focusing on here now is the One-Go-All-Go option down here at the bottom. So if I press the green button here, and then it turns gray, I have turned One-Go-All-Go off. So if I had other SiXCOMBO and/or SiXSMOKE devices on a system, and they were set up with One-Go-All-Go-- this one had it gray like that-- then this sensor, the one we have right here, right here today-- it wouldn't activate. The other sensors would activate as long as we had them enabled for the One-Go-All-Go, and of course the one that detects the smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide will activate. But only the ones that have the One-Go-All-Go option toggled on with the green-- which we'll toggle ours back on-- will activate. So now that we toggled it back on, that one will activate if another sensor-- if another SiX series life safety sensor-- activated on the Lyric System. So if we had a SiXSMOKE program with our Lyric system, and we had it set up with One-Go-All-Go-- we had this one on the One-Go-All-Go network-- then that one would activate. And say we had a third one that didn't have the option on it like that, and we had a gray, then it wouldn't activate. So if you want it to be One-Go-All-Go, then have that checked. So just kind of as a rule of thumb-- assuming you want all your devices on the One-Go-All-Go network, which most people do-- then have it green. If there's one device that maybe you don't want to be on One-Go-All-Go for whatever reason, you can set that device individually to Off, and the other ones can all be on to be part of the One-Go-All-Go network. But we want ours One-Go-All-Go, so we'll keep that on there. And just as a reminder, once you configured the One-Go-All-Go setting to on or off depending on how you want to use it, remember to press Save in the bottom right corner. So that way your changes are saved. We're going to do that now, we saved our changes. So that's the One-Go-All-Go feature on the Honeywell SiXCOMBO. It also applies to the Honeywell SiXSMOKE. That's how you interlink the devices, so that way they all activate. And by activate I mean their sounders will trigger-- their 85 decibel sounders will trigger when one device detects smoke, heat, carbon monoxide whatever, even if that device doesn't detect anything. If it's in a different room, different area where it hasn't been activated, another sensor on the system activates, it sends the alert to the system. This system says, hey, all these devices are on One-Go-All-Go, and it activates all the other sensors as well so that all of the building occupants can be notified. So that's the One-Go-All-Go feature on this SiXCOMBO. If you have any questions about the SiXCOMBO, or the Lyric Alarm System, or about alarm monitoring services, send an email to If you found this video helpful, make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video. And remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos. We hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you.