ISC West 2019: Justin Carlson - Versa Wireless New Multi-Protocol Motion

ISC West 2019: Justin Carlson - Versa Wireless New Multi-Protocol Motion

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In this video, Frank meets with Justin Carlson at ISC West 2019 to discuss the upcoming VERSA Multi-Protocol Wireless Motion Detecting Sensor. Users will be able to adjust the frequency of the wireless signal that is sent out. This lets it work with almost any system. This makes it highly versatile.

The new VERSA Multi-Protocol Wireless Motion Detecting Sensor will operate much like most other passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors. A person or large object that comes within view of the sensor will cause a change in detected infrared energy. The sensor will respond to this event by sending out a wireless signal to the security panel. The panel will then respond based on the programming settings for that zone. This can include triggering an alarm and alerting a central monitoring station.

What will really make the upcoming VERSA Motion Sensor stand out is its multi-protocol functionality. An adjustable setting on the sensor will determine which frequency the sensor will communicate. According to VERSA, the sensor will be capable of interfacing with Honeywell, 2GIG, Qolsys, Interlogix/GE, DSC and Bosch Alarm Panels.

The adjustable setting will also determine the sensitivity setting for the device. Most residential users will be fine using the low-sensitivity option. At the low-sensitivity setting, the motion will still respond reliability to any unwanted movement in the area. This setting will also enable pet-immunity and help prevent false alarms. However, a high-sensitivity setting is available if needed.

VERSA is already known for having one of the best door and window contacts in the home security industry. This door and window contact is currently available in both 319.5 MHz and 345 MHz variants. Additionally, VERSA has stated that a multi-protocol contact sensor is also in the works. As for the motion sensor, we expect great results from this upcoming device. Multi-protocol functionality certainly is a game-changer, and we are sure that the device will make for a great addition to many home alarm systems.


Hi, I DIYers. This is Frank at AlarmGrid. We're here at IC West 2019. And we're here with Versa today. They have been the manufacturer of our favorite door-window contact with multiple protocols, including Honeywell.

And they are now releasing a Versa Motion that we will have one of the co-founders talk to us about. And we'll do a little de-boxing and talk about the cool install guide that's printed on the inside of the box, QR code that gets you into their website, and maybe just a little bit more about the details, specs of the Motion.

Yeah, sounds good.

So we'll pop this open. Put the box down. Oh, well actually, so in here-- I don't know if you can see this-- but inside the box you have the printed manual. Kind of cool, no separate-- got me? No separate manual. Just printed on the inside the box. Got it?

So now we got the product itself. And we have the back plate. There is a small little hole here you can use a flathead screwdriver to pop. once. It's popped open, we have the battery tab. Looks like we got serial numbers listed in there and then multi-protocol dip switch.

So I guess with this you would just, before powering up, choose the protocol.

Yeah, that's it exactly. So when you when you pop off the back cover, you pick a little screwdriver. You set it to what number you want there. I think it's one through nine. And there is a corresponding ledger on the side here that says what each protocol is or what each number is.


So if you set it to zero or to one, it's the Honeywell. If you set it two or three, it's a 2GIG, or keep going on it's Interlogix or Bosch--


--DSC. And it also has pet immunity on it.


So if you set it to zero, it might be low sensitivity. If you set it to one, it's going to be a high sensitivity. So you go through each protocol and decide whether or not you want to have the pet immunity on or off. And again, on the inside there we have every single number listed. So yes, it will learn through a panel with a regular learn mode. Or you can type it in using the serial numbers that are printed on.

So auto enrollment, manual enrollment-- I assume just 90 degree corner mount?

That's it.


Yeah,so we tried to make it somewhat unique. So we had--

Pretty nice looking.

--a couple different features on that. One is to have that one solid translucent lens on the front.


Make it a little bit more modern looking. But also we have this wedge design. So yeah, you can mount it flat up against the wall. Or with that wedge, you can put in a 90-degree corner-- out of sight, out of mind. And just it just blends in well. It doesn't look like you're--

Yeah, and it is a 90-degree field of view. So just coming off--

Yeah, exactly.

--exactly [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, OK.

That's it exactly. So it just blends away and just looks nice and clean.

Now, for our customers to understand the difference between the door-window contacts and this, very cool multi-protocol now. So the door-window contacts on our website, you'll see we have a different-- you know, GE versus 2GIG, and then Honeywell doing the 1500 Mini, branding their own. This now is an all-in-one. So this will basically-- this one single sku, right?

That's it.

Will be able to work with any of the systems, pretty much any of the legacy systems that we already support, so I think this will be the future favorite for us. We look forward to selling it. Do you have any ETA on when it will come out?

Probably in the next 60 days or so.

OK, 60 days.

Yeah, so it's going to be fairly quickly here.

Cool. All right.


Well, thank you for taking the time.


Pleasure meeting you.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, thanks a lot. All right, guys--