Honeywell Lyric and 2GIG Compatible Sensor

Versa 2gig honeywell lyric and 2gig compatible sensor pow
  • Versa 2gig honeywell lyric and 2gig compatible sensor pow
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  • Versa 2gig honeywell lyric and 2gig compatible sensor
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The VERSA-2GIG is a reliable contact sensor that will monitor your windows and doors with a high-quality sensor at a fraction of the cost of others. These sensors look great, install easily, and will work with any 2GIG Panel or the Honeywell Lyric. Available for purchase today. Buy some now!
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Users who are looking for an affordable and effective door and window contact sensor can receive great results with the VERSA-2GIG. This surface-mount sensor has a sleek and compact design that will fit in with almost any decor. It is white in color with a yellow control board on the inside.

The VERSA-2GIG contact is the exact same sensor as the best-selling 5800MINI. The only difference is that it works on the 2GIG sensor frequency (345MHz), rather than the Honeywell 5800 Series frequency. It works with all 2GIG panels, like the GC2 and GC3. But since the Lyric added 2GIG sensor compatibility (firmware MR3), it works equally well with the Lyric Security System Security System. Yet, it costs much less than the Honeywell 5800MINI.

Please note that some versions of the VERSA-2GIG will use Loop 2 when programming into an alarm system. Any VERSA-2GIG with a pop-off cover will enroll using Loop 2. However, any VERSA-2GIG Sensor with a slide-off cover will instead enroll using Loop 1. Keep this in mind when enrolling your sensors. The slide-off VERSA-2GIG Sensors that use Loop 1 are the newer models. The ones with the pop-off cover that use Loop 2 are the older models.

Additionally, the newer VERSA-2GIG Sensors (Loop 1) have a small tab on the side to help you determine which side should be lined up with the magnet. Older style sensors (Loop 2) have five (5) distinct side indentations for this purpose. The dimensions for a all VERSA-2GIG Sensors (old and new) are 2.2"L x 1"W x 0.3"D. It uses a replaceable CR2032 coin battery, with an average battery life of 5 years.

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Are you sure it is a 2GIG-VERSA and not a Honeywell 5800MINI (the honeywell equivalent that operates on loop 1)? The lyric introduced support of the 2GIG lineup via firmware. What is your Lyric currently running on? I recommend pushing a firmware update to the latest and verifying the exact model of the sensor. With all that said, do you have other sensors that are properly chiming? If not it could be that your global chime and volume settings are off. You will find these at the home screen under settings (gear icon). Make sure that chime is on (highlighted in blue) and volume is up enough to hear the chime.
I installed the versa with my honeywell lyric, but it will not chime even though I set chime to standard. When doing the auto learn, it says loop 4, but that wouldn't show the door/window open or closed. Switching to loop 2 like in the description does show an open or closed door, but no chime. Is this a firmware issue?
Hi Brett, No it will not work with the Lynx panels.
Will this sensor work with Honeywell L52xx/7000 panels?
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