Issues Disabling Auto-Stay Arming for a Vista-128BPT

Issues Disabling Auto-Stay Arming for a Vista-128BPT

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In this video, Joe from Alarm Grid covers issues that you may experience when you go to disable Auto-Stay Arming for a VISTA-128BPT. These issues usually occur because the VISTA-128BPT Panel is running Firmware 10.0. This version made it impossible to disable Auto-Stay Arming from Total Connect 2.0.

Auto-Stay Arming is a feature that has a system automatically revert to Arm Stay after Arming Away if no Entry/Exit Zones are faulted during the Exit Delay countdown period. If Auto-Stay Arming is enabled on your VISTA System, then you must fault an Entry/Exit Zone during the Exit Delay countdown. If you don't, then the system will revert to Arm Stay mode instead. You must disable the Auto-Stay Arming feature if you want your VISTA-128BPT System to Arm Away even if you do not fault an Entry/Exit Zone.

On a VISTA TURBO System like the VISTA-128BPT, the Auto-Stay Arming feature is enabled on individual system zones rather than for the entire system or partitions. If you want to disable Auto-Stay Arming for the entire system, you must do so for each and every system zone. Typically, Total Connect 2.0 would automatically ignore any Auto-Stay Arming setting, as you might be arming your system remotely and not be around to fault an Entry/Exit Zone.

But Firmware Version 10.0 of the VISTA-128BPT has an error when it comes to ignoring the Auto-Stay Arming Setting when Total Connect 2.0 is used. If you have Firmware Version 10.0, and Auto-Stay Arming is enabled for a zone, then the Auto-Stay Arming feature will go into effect when you Arm Away from Total Connect 2.0. This can cause a real problem if you go to Arm Away from TC2 while you are off-site. And it can be very inconvenient to have to disable the Auto-Stay Arming feature for each and every system zone. With that in mind, the best solution if you have Firmware Version 10.0 for a VISTA-128BPT is to upgrade to Firmware Version 10.4 instead.


Hi, DIYers. Joe from Alarm Grid. And today, I want to talk about why can't I disable auto stay arming for my Vista 128BPT? And the reason is, is that you have firmware version 10.0 running on the system. On the Vista 128BPT, each zone actually has an auto stay arming feature that you can enable or disable. If you turn all of these off for the system, when arming from a keypad, the auto stay arming won't occur. But if you have Total Connect 2 connected to your system, and you have a firmware version 10.0 running, you can't actually disable auto stay arming for Total Connect 2.0, as that feature isn't even on this firmware version. This can cause quite a bit of confusion and frustration. If you do have one of these panels with this firmware and you are using Total Connect, auto stay arming, what it does is if you arm the system away, it automatically switches it to stay mode if an entry door, or an entry/exit door is an open and closed. When you're arming from Total Connect, you're likely going to be outside of the home. So you won't be opening and closing an entry/exit door, which will cause the system to bypass it, which is not what you want to happen when you're not in the house and you're arming away. The way to fix this is to actually get a new PROM chip for the system and install it. You can't buy this PROM chip outright at a store, but if you do have a security monitoring company or security company that you work with, they're likely going to be able to pick you up a new PROM chip for your system. And all that you have to do is pop off the old one and pop on the new one. But we also want to show you how to adjust programming in case you do want to disable auto stay, or if that's the issue. So again, on this panel, auto stay is actually for each zone which you'll need to disable or enable as you see fit. There's also the auto stay option for the device programming. The device programming is the slot that Total Connect 2 will live in. And as long as you don't have firmware version 10.0 on your system, you will be able to turn auto stay arming on or off for Total Connect. As you can expect, you're going to want it off to use it with this system. Well, let's go ahead and jump in programming and show you how to adjust these options. So on our keypad, we're going to enter the default installer code, which is 4140. And then we're going to do 8, and then 000. So 41408000. So now we're in program mode. We have to enter #93. So now that we're in this menu, we have to navigate to the device programming menu so that we can disable the global feature for auto stay arming. So we're going to say no for zone programming, no for expert mode, no for report code programming, and no for alpha programming. We want to say yes for device programming. Once we're in here, we have to adjust the device address that's associated with Total Connect 2.0. Let's say, it's on 01. So we'll hit star to go into that one. We're going to star through these settings. So console partition 1, that's good. Sound option, we don't have to worry about. Keypad global, we're not concerned about. And here's the menu. Auto stay arm disabled. To turn it off, we want to hit 1 and then star. We don't have to change the AUI. And then from here, we enter 00 to quit, and then star. Quit menu mode. We're going to hit 1 for Yes. And then from here, we can hit star 99 to exit programming. So that's how to disable auto stay arming for the device and the zone in your Vista 128BPT. If you do have any questions about this, please give us a call. 888-818-7728. You can also send us an email to, or head to our website, If you did like the video, feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be notified when we post future videos, hit the notification button below, and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.