In this video, Julia from Alarm Grid shows users how to install the PROWFI or PROWIFIZW into an LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV ...


hey diy-ers this is Julia with alarm grid and today I'm going to show you how to install the pro Wi-Fi ZW in the LTE MP series communicator let's get to it so the first step in changing or installing Hardware in any piece of electronic equipment is powering down the equipment so you want to be sure that your ltempa or PV is powered completely down ours is powered down but just so you know this is what the transformer for it looks like or technically it's a DC power adapter so find this and unplug it if yours has been plugged in and then you'll have to open the system up in order to get to the battery to unplug it to open it you're going to press in on the tabs at the bottom and then lift the front which is hard to do when it's on desk there we go so it comes loose at the bottom and then it just kind of raises up at the top there's two little catch tabs at the top as well so we're gonna go ahead and set that aside for now we don't have a battery on our unit but if we did I would go ahead and unplug it it would be connected right here this is positive this is negative and the battery sits in this little tray right here um so once the unit is powered completely down you should see no LED lights lit up on it um you're ready to install the actual module this is the pro Wi-Fi ZW module the pro Wi-Fi module looks very similar it just doesn't have the Z-Wave chip in it um and it's going to install right here now some early units that came out of this actually had foam tape right around in here in this area and if that foam tape is there you want to remove it because the module itself has the foam tape on the back if you don't have any foam tape here you don't want to worry about that step that's listed in the FAQ because you want to leave this foam tape in place um so you're going to line this up this is called the finger stock clip I'm going to line up here where this little connector is going to slide onto this Edge connector um it's going to line up pretty snug it's going to slip under this little clip on the edge and then just slide forward into place this is the place where the set screw is inserted so when you have it properly installed the hole in the module will line up with the the seating spot for the set screw now the first thing that happens in tech support is that all the screws get taken out and then lost so we don't have our set screw but if you have it I recommend that you use it once the module has been completely seated then you can power your unit back up when you power up you want to power up with the DC adapter first so plug in the the power to the wall outlet first and then go ahead and hook your battery back up and then you'll be ready to reinstall your cover so to reinstall the cover you're just going to line it up at the top first blue then at the bottom press into place and that's it and that is how you install the pro Wi-Fi ZW or Pro Wi-Fi into the ltem P-Series communicators if you like this video please like And subscribe hit the Bell icon so you'll be notified when we post future videos you can contact us through our email at support and you can also visit our website my name is Julia and have a great day