Lyric Alarm System Slideshow

Lyric Alarm System Slideshowa

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Honeywell Lyric Controller - Encrypted Wireless Security System
Honeywell Lyric Alarm System
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In this video, Jorge shows-off the slideshow feature on the Honeywell Lyric Controller. To set up the slideshow for the Lyric Panel, a user will require a USB drive ...


hey DIYs I'm George with alarmgrid today we're gonna be demonstrating the slideshow feature on the lyric controller so to start off first thing you'll need is going to be a USB you're going to want to make sure that the USB has pre-loaded images onto it the images you want to make sure that the file size of each image is 30 megabytes the image if you want to go ahead and scale it down or fix the size of it Honeywell recommends that you use a 12 40 by 600 file size and the image also has to be formatted as JPEG which is jpg now this is a good chance to upload images of you your family anything that you'd want to have acting as a slideshow feature on your lyric controller that's what you can go ahead and do now the easiest way to go ahead and insert this is if you already have the lyric mounted on the wall you're just going to need a Crouch underneath the panel and there's gonna be a USB right off to the center-left so if I look right here I just plug it in so once you have the USB plugged in you now have to go to the master user screen I have this lyric defaulted so I'm gonna be using my master code which is one two three four it's the default master code for all Honeywell systems I'm gonna go ahead and go to security make your way over to tools enter in one two three four I'm gonna go ahead and hit the right arrow key it's a little gray button off to the side it takes me to the next page and the slideshow is where I want to be now right now you're gonna see it's empty I haven't loaded any images from the usb on to there now I do have some images on here that are formatted PNG that will not show up on here remember they have to be JPEG jpg only so I'm going to go ahead and do the load images off to the right hand side and now this can take a few minutes to load the images as you can see we're probably going to be here for a while cuz loading even about I think it'll load like five images six images that may take like a minute or two so if you're loading more than six it may take even longer so just be patient with the panel and the images once the screen has stopped they will all load by - yeah now one thing that I noticed when we started the video was that I have the backlight timeout on which I'm going to show you guys how to turn off because right now when we were testing when the lyric that when the backlight timeout is enabled I have it set to 30 seconds so after 30 seconds of screen goes dark if you guys have the slideshow feature enabled to start after 30 seconds but the screen has already blacked out you guys won't see anything because of the backlight timeout so I'm gonna disable that in a second here after we get this done so we can actually see the images and the slideshow feature so it's still loading should be done any second here and again before you used to be able to load images from total connect directly to the panel you would you would even be able to do that on leaks links panels but since Total Connect has changed the only panel now that I can do it is lyrics since it's the only one that has a USB port in it so as you can see it loaded the images by - I can hit the down arrow key to scroll through my images yes underneath you have different options so the slide interval is how long you want each light to be on before it goes to the next so I have mine set to 5 seconds if you click it it'll up it to 10 to 15 to 20 and then back to 5 seconds which is the minimal the minimum so I'm going to leave it at 5 the slide after this is how long after the panel goes idle you want the slide show to start so I have mine set to 30 seconds because I want to show you guys for the video sake how long the actual slideshow feature but you can change that so if you want it to start after 2 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes etc if you disable it the slideshow feature will not work so you want to make sure that you do it set a time on this I'm gonna set mine for 30 seconds now I accidentally pressed on one of the images it actually highlights a yellow I don't know if you can see it in the video but it has a yellow border and you can actually let's say you didn't want an image you can highlight it and hit delete and that'll delete the images from the loaded images you took from the USB now right now I'm gonna go ahead and hit save because I want to save my work I'm gonna hit the back arrow key and remember we have to change that backlight timeout or else it will not work to do that just really quick I'm going to go to tools enter in the installer code default is for one one two unless you or your monitoring company has changed it you go to program system settings and like I said I have mine to 30 seconds if you set it to no and then hit save and back out to the main screen now after 30 seconds you know after the system's been idle for 30 seconds the slideshow feature should start the backlight will not timeout because I just disable that and then we will start seeing all the images that we loaded from our USB onto their your USB if you still have it plugged in you can go ahead and unplug it you don't need the USB in there the whole time you've already loaded the images onto the panel so they're actually saved onto the lyric controller so if you want to upload new images plug this right into your computer whatever device you have and just upload new images to it if you want to go ahead and do that and as you see the lyric starts scrolling through and in five seconds it'll switch to the next image and every other image I load it on to there from the USB once you tap on the screen tap on the screen there we go it brings you back to the main page and again this is just a quick video on how and a quick demonstration actually on how to upload images to your lyric panel and use the slideshow feature if you guys do have any questions feel free to contact us at support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful hit like underneath make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and and then enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified again I'm George with alarmgrid thank you guys I'll see you next time