Lyric Security System: Arming & Disarming

A detailed explanation of the most important setting for your Lyric Security System; activating protection for your home or business.

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There are three main modes for arming the unit. Each one has different features and default settings that we’ll explain along with tips on getting the most out of your system. Both the user interface and the panel itself are intuitive for easy navigation and use.

It’s essential to understand the modes and the settings for controlling the activation of your system. Take the time to review these videos so that you’re familiar with these features. Please note that entry of the master code is necessary to make any changes to the Controller. If you need to reset it, check out our video on making changes to your settings.

Your security system includes several features to prevent false alarms including a series of beeps and voice prompts that begin once you change the status of the Controller. Our video on adjusting the volume will walk you through the process of making changes to these settings. There are additional options for delays and silencing the system to prevent false alarms.
The tutorial will explain how to avoid them and what to do in case one is triggered accidentally. It’s important that everyone in your household understands these procedures too.

You’ll learn the three main arming states which include Arm Away, Arm Stay, and Arm Custom. The video goes over the first two in detail with the basic features of each one and tips for avoiding false alarms. The latter mode is covered in a separate tutorial. You’ll need to program the options for this one before activating it.

You can customize each mode by the options you set with each sensor and device which our instructions explain. The Lyric System is a smart solution for DIY home security that responses to the actions it detects or fails to receive as this video will show. Whether you’re at home, asleep, or away, it protects your home and family 24/7.

Some sensors such as fire and CO detectors are always active regardless of whether you arm or disarm the security system. To receive other alarms, you must activate the Controller as explained in this video. You can set Instant Arm for immediate protection or restart the timer to exit if needed.

There are a couple of additional options for arming and disarming your system covered in separate tutorials. If you select Quick Alarm, for example, a person may leave the premises without going through the disarm/arm procedure. You can also opt to use the Silent Exit feature. This mode will mute the warning beeps and double the exit time to 120 seconds as the video will explain.


Hi DIYers, Sterling with Alarm Grid here. Today we are going to show you how to use, how to arm and disarm your Honeywell Lyrics Security System. So, we've shown you how to install the Lyric system with our Lyric installation video. We've shown you how to program your sixth series devices to your Lyric security system.

Now that you've installed and programmed all your sensors, you got to know how to use the system. So it's very, very simple. One of the things that Honeywell has done is try to make this user interfaces as intuitive and easy to use as possible. So you don't need to use any YouTube videos to know how to do it, but in case you need the help, you hit security first, if you notice on the home screen there's a lot of other options - automation and video and such - security is where you're going to arm and disarm. So again, intuitive, it makes sense when you want to arm your security system, you hit the security tab.

And from here, you have three ways to arm it. Arm Away, Arm Stay and Arm Custom. To Arm Away that means I'm going to leave the house. I want all of my sensors active, doors, windows, glass breaks and motion sensors. To Arm Away, you highlight the Arm Away option, and then you type your master code; default code is 1, 2, 3, 4. You'll see at the top, it no longer says "Ready To Arm." It says, "Armed Away - Exit Now," and it beeps at you for 60 seconds to alert anybody in the house that, "Hey, we're arming, we better get so we don't set off the alarm."

During the 60-second delay, opening a perimeter zone such as a window or a door that is not used when the system is armed, the alarm would go off right away. However, if we open and close an entry/exit door, because we're in the exit delay period, there's no alarm as long as we have the door closed again by the time we're out. And as long as we've done that by the time this counts down to zero, we're not going to have any alarms when we leave.

So again, you hit Arm Away, you type your code, within 60 seconds, you open and close an entry/exit door, and as long as the door is closed and everybody is out of the house, once it's ready to arm, everything will be secure in the house. Of course, if you were to activate the sensor now, then the alarm goes off.

And you may notice I had selected Arm Away. However, at the end of the countdown it's switched to Arm Stay. That is the auto stay arming option, and we'll have another video on describing how that exactly works and how to turn that on or off. But basically, because we were testing and we didn't actually open and close an entry/exit exit door, the system said "You asked me to go to away, but you must have changed your mind because I never saw you leave, so I - the Lyric system - I'm going to switch it back to stay mode, so that the motions are not active and you're not going to have false alarms when you walk in front of your motion." So that's just an example of that feature; it's a false alarm prevention option.

So, now that we know how to arm the system, let's show you how to disarm it. So, if you were Armed to stay and no doors have been opened, you just want to go ahead and disarm it so you can open a perimeter door for instance, you hit the disarm icon and you type your code - 1, 2, 3, 4, which is the default master code - and the system is back ready to arm.

To Arm Stay mode, you hit Arm Stay and you type 1, 2, 3, 4. You can hear the arm stay. Well, you see the exit now and you'll notice it's no longer beeping at us to warn us to leave. So in the away mode, they know that everyone is leaving, so they want everyone to be beeping, knowing, "Get out of the house."

When you arm to stay, that could mean my wife is going to leave, but I'm going to stay behind. And because I'm staying behind, I still have an exit delay. A lot of people don't realize that when you're armed to stay, there's still time for someone else to leave in case not everyone is leaving.

However, we know some people are in the house so it's not beeping at us the whole time. You get that silent exit delay. If we go ahead and disarm, we're back to ready to arm. So that's how to Arm Away, Arm Stay and how to disarm. I just want to point out one more thing. When you arm away, a lot of people say, "Okay, I understand it's trying to warn me to leave" and that's why it beeps like this as you're exiting. However some people say, "I understand I'm leaving. I just did it. I don't need to be beeped at the whole time out." So, they give you the option, when you hit on Arm Away, before you type 1, 2, 3, 4, if you hit silent exit, then you can hit 1, 2, 3, 4, and now it will be beep to leave, but it won't beep during the whole countdown.

However, because that beeping is a false alarm prevention thing, it jumps the exit delay from 60 seconds to 120 seconds. So it says, "Okay, if you don't want me to beep at you, I'll still let you go out silently, but instead of giving you only 60 seconds to leave, I'm going to give you 120 seconds in case you forget something and come back in or don't get out in time." So that's a really nice feature. It allows you to arm it in a silent exit mode.

So that's basically how you use your system, how to Arm Away, how to Arm Stay and how to disarm. We hope you've enjoyed this video on how to use your Honeywell Lyric System. If you have any questions on arming or disarming your system, please email us - And also make sure to subscribe to our channel as we'll be releasing a lot more videos in relation to this brand new Honeywell Lyrics Security System.