Lyric SIXSIREN: Program to Lyric

This video will show you how to program the Honeywell Lyric SIXSIREN to the Lyric control panel.

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Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
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Honeywell Lyric Controller - Encrypted Wireless Security System
Honeywell Lyric Alarm System
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The Lyric SIXSIREN is a Honeywell SIX series siren. Designed for use with the Honeywell Lyric control panel, it will not work with previous versions. The sensor is a mini computer with it’s own chip board that uses wireless encryption and bi-directional communication to talk to the control panel.

In this video, we will walk you through how to program your sensor to the Lyric control panel. Follow along to learn how simple it is to add the Lyric SIXSIREN alarm siren sensor to the Honeywell Lyric control panel.

As you will learn in the video, the battery has a pull to activate tab. You should never remove this tab until you are ready to activate the sensor and enroll it in to the system.

From the control panel you need to first access the programming menu using the installer code. Do not confuse the installer code with the master code. The master code is a user code and you will not be able to learn in sensors as a user.

After you access the programming menu select program and then zones. The Zones menu will list all of the zones in your system. It has 4 default zones set up as a template that you can edit, or you can create a new one.

In this video, we will create a new zone for use with the SIXSIREN sensor. When you press edit you will be on the edit screen and ready to enroll the sensor. Follow along with the video to learn how to enroll the sensor properly.

There are a few methods to enroll a SIX series sensor, however the easiest is to auto enroll. In the past, you would have to auto enroll by activating the sensor three times. Because the SIX series sensors have bi-directional communication with the panel, you simply have to power on the sensor by removing the tab from the battery.

Once the sensor activates it will communicate with the control panel and the serial number will auto populate. Once it is locked in you will be able to edit the remaining zone parameters. Our video will walk you through each parameter and offer advice on how you should set it up.

Naming the sensor is crucial for alerting purposes. The video will explain why this is so crucial as well as how to properly name your sensor in the system.

When all of the parameters have been set, press the save button to lock in all of the sensor information into the system. You are now ready to install the sensor and being monitoring for glass break intrusion.

You can view our other videos to learn how to install the SIXSIREN sensor or our library of Lyric control panel videos to learn about all of the available features and functions of the Lyric system.


Sterling: Hi DIYers. Sterling with AlarmGrid here. Today, we're going to show you how to program a SIXSIREN into your Honeywell Wireless Lyric Security Systems. The SIXSIREN is a really revolutionary new system, I'm sorry, revolutionary new sensor that works with this revolutionary new system. It is on the six technology which is a new type of wireless technology that has been released along with this Lyric panel. What it means is that these sensors, or six devices are bi-directional, meaning they talk to and from the panel, and they are fully encrypted to this system.

Once it has been enrolled to this system, it can't be enrolled to any other system unless it's been deleted in range of the panel. Once it's been learned in, it can't be hacked or spoofed or jammed or any of the things that can happen with the 5800 series sensors. Not that that stuff ever really happens or often happens but if you can get more secure, it's nice to have the option and that's really what the Lyric provides is the ability to fully encrypt all of your wireless devices for the most secure wireless system in your house. Now, we're going to show you how to program this sensor into the panel.

When doing the Lyric installation and the Lyric programming, the very first thing to keep in mind is you should enroll the furthest sensor from the panel first. All right? We used to tell you to bench program everything for your Lynx Touch right at the panel, program it all to the system and then take it out to the installation location and mount it. When you're doing your Lyric, you kind of want to do things a little backwards. The first sensor, or rather the farthest away sensor is the first one you should program. You program it out where it's going to be really far away. That way, the sensor in the panel will analyze the Wi-Fi throughout the house and get the best transmissions from the sensors back to the panel. That's best practice.

Once you've done the furthest one away, then you can come to the panel and do the rest a little bit closer. We've already learned a few in so we're just going to go ahead and program this right at the panel and the next step of programming now that we know the order of operation is to pop it open. On the back, we have this back plate, it slides counterclockwise and opens up and we have these battery holders in the inside. The other order of operation or the other really important step in the operation of programming a Lyric is to not install the batteries or pull the battery tabs on any of your six series devices until you're ready to program them at that exact moment into the panel.

Basically, to go the "Ready to Program" screen, we hit security, followed by tools, and our installer code is 4112. Now, we're into this screen where we can hit program and then we can go to zones. This learns in as his own, okay? That's a little different than the 5800 wave which was the 5800 wireless siren. That one didn't have to get programmed to a zone. It could work on the house ID code all by itself. You could set up a maintenance zone but this one is more of a true sensor. It programs in like a zone. We already have our template zones and we've already started to program some of these. We're going to fill in the rest in a bit but we're going to jump to zone 8 which is the first available new zone and we click edit.

Now, on this part, we hit serial number and now, we're at the screen where it wants us to enroll the MAC address and the MAC address on this device is found right here. This siren is actually a little computer. It's got a 16 digit unique MAC address which communicates to alarm net servers. This device can be firmware updated so that as new features are released, we can firmware update the specific sensor itself along with the panel so that new features are released. You're not buying new hardware every time something else new comes out. We think that's a really awesome addition to the Lyric panel and the Lyric sensors.

Now that we've reviewed all that, we're ready to install it and install the batteries and get it programmed in. So to program this sensor, it's literally as easy as popping these batteries in. You have four that come with the siren. They alternate, so positive and negative. You just want to make sure you're doing it in the right order displayed. Two of them in is enough to give the unit power and you can see that already. It's doing its learning in. I'm going to put the other two because that's how we get our maximum battery life, but again, two is enough.

You could see after that 20 second period where it's lighting up the green light, now, it's learning the MAC address and we have a learned in siren already. Before I close it up, I'm just going to install our last two batteries, making sure to alternate the positives and the negatives and then we can close up the tamper. On the back here, we have Honeywell displayed on the back plate and we have Honeywell displayed right here on the cover. If we line them up, that's how we can get it locked into place. If we tamper it one more time, it's locked in our MAC address and it's calling it the wireless siren. All right? We're going to put this one upstairs because we have our siren downstairs. This is going to go upstairs so we can hear chimes, door chimes, window chimes and alarm sounds upstairs.

So to put in upstairs, you can hit the U and then the down arrow twice. Nope, that was the up arrow, so the down arrow twice will take you to upstairs which is the third U word in the library. You're not typing any old word. You're choosing words from the custom library for these zone descriptors. In this case, upstairs is the perfect word for us, so it'll say upstairs, wireless siren. You'll see it supervised. It cannot be selected to be unsupervised. We want it to be supervised.

The only other thing you can choose is the supervision time and whether or not you get the chime noises from the siren and of course, that's a really great feature. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want that but it is selectable. We're going to save all of those selections. Now, we see we have a healthy battery and a healthy range indication on our upstairs wireless siren. If we exit to the home screen, using one of our programmed door contacts, we can simulate what happens with this siren chiming. We have our door here, we open it up.

Machine: Front door.

Sterling: You heard the panel chime and enunciate. You also heard the siren do the same chiming. Now, we know our siren worked even beyond that, I want to show you how cool this light is here. When we arm the stay mode...

Machine: Armed exit.

Sterling: get the arm exit beep right at the siren to let you know, "Okay, you're armed." Beyond that, you have this really nice red LED to show that the system is arming. If you disarm it, you get the beep to enunciate that it's now disarmed and you get the green light that it's in the disarm state. This LED is really nice because it lets you know exactly what's going on. In case you look at this and you're not by the panel, you have an idea of what state the system is in.

We hope you've enjoyed that video on how to program a SIXSIREN to your Honeywell Wireless Lyric. We're very excited about this sensor. We think this is going to be a really popular device because we get questions on the Honeywell Lynx Touch about a device that would act like this sensor exactly all the time and we have custom ways around it, but this is really easy to just enroll it and have all of that functionality, chime, siren, visual indication if the system is armed or disarmed. All of that from one device.

That's the SIXSIREN and how to program it to the Lyric. If you have any questions when programming your SIXSIREN, please email and make sure to subscribe to our channel so that as we release more videos about this Lyric system, you'll be up to date on all of the great new features and sensors that are compatible with this revolutionary new system.