Honeywell SIXSIREN

Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller

Honeywell sixsiren wireless siren for the lyric controller
  • Honeywell sixsiren wireless siren for the lyric controller
  • Honeywell sixsiren inside wireless siren for the lyric controlle

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The SiXSIREN is a unique siren by alarm system standards. Sitting out of sight on the ceiling, the battery powered, 85dB sounder will make sure that you can hear alarms no matter where you are.
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The Honeywell SIXSIREN is a wireless siren designed for the Lyric controller. This is Honeywell's first wireless siren that offers chiming capabilities, volume adjustment, LED confirmation and it is fully battery powered. That's right. More technology and the flexibility to move it around the premise at your convenience! This device communicates back to the alarm panel using the revolutionary SIX technology. This is a new wireless protocol that uses a 2.4GHz frequency (same as WIFI) and strives to offer more reliable connectivity, longer range, and battery and RF signal level readings on the panel and remotely Alarmnet!

Since this siren uses the SIX technology it must be enrolled as a wireless zone your Lyric controller. Similar to any RF SIX device, you can auto-enroll it by clicking into the serial number field and powering it up for the first time or pressing the tamper switch. Give the system at least 20 seconds to acquire a solid connection. The LED will rapidly flash green for 12 seconds. Then trigger the tamper switch again to lock in the device. There should be a solid green LED flash for 3 seconds. Always include the farthest SIX device from the panel first. After that, it is less important.

Ask and you shall receive! Honeywell created this siren based on customer feedback, particularly when it comes to the chime feature. Before the Lyric, the LYNX Touch panels relied on the installation of an auxiliary keypad in order to produce chimes outside the main control panel. In order to keep these wireless keypads from falling asleep (when battery powered) they required AC power. You were not able to get remote chimes from anything other than the wireless keypads on the LYNX Touch panels as the 5800WAVE wireless siren only sounded a full alarm. The SIXSIREN incorporates siren sound and chime sounding and as it's fully battery powered, it offers a very easy way to add extra panel siren/chime sound to your Lyric system. In fact, it only needs 4 AA Lithium batteries (included) which makes battery replacement convenient. No wiring at all!

The housing is a circular shape (3.78 inches in diameter and 1.14 inches thick) and looks just like a standard smoke detector. It can be wall/ceiling mounted or it can be just left loose. This is a great device for bringing around to peripheral points of the secured premise such as a shop, basement or even out by the pool. That way if even enters the home, even when the system is disarmed, you will be notified! Another common use, can be monitoring door/window openings from your teenager sneaking out at night or your curious toddler opening the slider to the back yard.

Honeywell came through big time on this product. It was long awaited and is finally here!

*Please note: this device is only compatible with Honeywell controller that support SIX series devices.*


Works great
Submitted on 06/19/2016

I mounted the SIXSIREN in my garage. Its LED indicators make it easy for my children to know if the alarm is armed or disarmed when we are heading out or home. Easy to set up and mount and its plenty loud.

Glad to hear!
Hi, Frank! after a couple of tries it worked. Thanks for your reply by the way...
Yes, it is selectable if you enter programming mode and edit the SiXSIREN zone and hit the down arrow. Just make sure to save your change.
Is it possible to turn off the chime on the siren?
The two devices are not perfectly synced with their chimes so a delay between the panel's chime and the SiXSIREN chime is not unusual.
No, unfortunately that's not a feature of the SiXSIREN at this time.
Did you try removing the battery and putting it back in when you are in the serial number field in panel programming? Are you getting rapid or slow blinks?
I just tried programming my Six Siren to my Lyric without any luck. The Siren just does a hard beep after flashing green for about 15 seconds but, serial does not display. Tried entolling it manually and it does not seem to recognize it. Any tips of what i'm missing?
No, this only works with a Honeywell Lyric system.
Will this work with the old 5800 series honeywell panel?
Yes, we are big fans of the SiXSIRENs ourselves! Did you notice we offer no-contract monitoring plans and fully support the Lyric? You can view our plans online at and it would be an easy process to switch to us if you are interested and not under contract now.
Wonderful! This simple option has been needed forever and why Honeywell would not let the owner decide how sounds were controlled was frustrating. I have the lyric in our master bedroom and don't want a blasting alarm confusing us at night in an emergency. Having this sound OUTSIDE our bedroom door will be plenty to awaken us and now the panel sounder won't freaking out the wife, dogs, and myself while I prepare to deal with the threat. Ordered!
Yes, the SiXSIRENs and the wireless keypads will still sound with the Burglary Alarm Sound option set to No.
So on the LYNX panels you could easily disconnect the siren cable inside the panel. The Lyric has enclosed internal structure so this is no longer possible. We are going to test the burg sounder option and see if the SixSiren's still ring out with it disabled. I will report back asap!
Can I have the siren/s sound and not the control pannel? I'd like to be able to hide the control pannel.
Will the SiXSIREN still sound if I have the panel burglary alarm sounder option set to off? I want to keep my control panel hidden and only have the wireless keypad visible, but still want an audible alarm to go off, just not from my control panel, giving away its location.
We haven't heard of anything like that so far.
Plans to include a microphone to enable voice activation from another room to the panel?
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