Lyric System Speaks Unexpectedly

Lyric System Speaks Unexpectedly

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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains why your Honeywell Lyric Alarm System may be speaking at you unexpectedly, and also how to prevent this from ...


hi diyers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be answering the question of why your honeywell lyric system speaks unexpectedly and how you can get it to stop speaking unexpectedly so the lyric has a voice command feature that allows you to use spoken voice commands to perform various system functions um you can perform a smart scene do various other tasks but if the system thinks that you've spoken a voice command even if you haven't even if it's just the tv in the background or you were talking on the phone and it thought you thought you triggered a voice command when really you didn't it could speak at you unexpectedly and it could catch you off guard and surprise you so today we're going to show you how you can disable the feature and also if you are using the feature how you can make it less likely that it will speak at you unexpectedly so we're at the main screen of our lyric system here and we're going to choose security and we're going to choose tools and then we want to enter in our master code not the installer code ours is at the default one two three four uh remember that code usually is changed for security purposes so enter in your master code that's likely the code you use for arming and disarming um so we have our master code android we're at the master tools menu and we can choose voice command down here at the bottom and this is the menu where the action happens for the lyric voice command feature so you see right now we have the feature enabled we have voice control turned on it's toggled blue if we press it again then it's toggled off we have the feature off now now you'll see this enable trigger feedback um what that does is when we have the feature on and we do enter in a voicemail and we do speak a voice command the lyric will speak back at us as confirmation that we have provided a voice command it's just an option to confirm you want to know i said a voice command and you want to make sure that the lyric heard it you can have that enabled you can also turn it off and just have voice control enabled and you won't have the tr the feedback so it'll it won't speak at you unexpectedly but then you might trigger commands unexpectedly so it's really best just to turn it off entirely you also can just have trigger feedback enabled but that's kind of pointless to do if you don't have voice control on because then they wouldn't be looking for anything so we're just going to turn both of ours off and that's how you prevent the feature from from from working and prevent it from speaking at you unexpectedly you do that um now i do want to just go into a few of the features here you can set different triggers here you only set one but there there are some options there and you can choose the one that works for you if you are using the feature um so that that's an option there and you see there are sensitivity options here uh trigger sensitivity is the important one for our purposes where we're trying to get the lyric to not speak at us unexpectedly uh what we can do is we can decrease the sensitivity and make it less likely that the lyric will be activated by a voice command or by a mistaken voice command you can turn down the sensitivity if you turn the sensitivity up it's more sensitive it's more likely that it's going to be triggered um so that would be bad if we were trying to prevent it from from speaking at us so in our case we can turn it down uh just to um go over the others also command sensitivity which more or less does does a similar thing it's listening for the command um if you make it more sensitive then it's it's more likely that it's going to think that there's a command so again turn it down just turn the little knob down there down to the left there is volume volume is when you have the feature on that's how loud it will speak back at you so if in worst case you did a trigger command and the volume was all the way up it would be loud and really surprise you there so we can turn ours down but really the main thing to do is to just um turn it off if you really don't want it to be spoken at you now if you do want to use the feature and you do have it on there is the voice training that you can go through we actually did that in a different video and an faq down link below we'll show you how to do that a little bit so look into that we're not going to go through the voice training in this video but uh there is the counter option that i will show you here um you see we can press the counter button and that sets we can set an accuracy level the higher the the number um the more sensitive it is the more likely that it's going to be triggered by a mistake so we want to set a low one i think we had it set to 200 there um but we'll do 200 again these are four digits so we have to do zero two zero zero and then we choose done in the bottom right uh say we wanted to do a different one let's see if we can lower this 400 right here and we'll lower it down to 250 perhaps and make that a little less sensitive and press done and you see we lowered it down and then we can just press the uh the back arrow in the upper right corner to go back but just as a recap there is the voice training you should go through the voice training if you are using the feature that way the lyric will become accustomed to your voice and it's less likely that you will trigger your command by mistake um and remember if you just turn it off we have ours on i just turn it on just now in front of you if we do want to make sure it's not going to be triggered we turn these off and if we do have it on we can also set the sensitivities down the trigger sensitivity and the command sensitivity set them to the left so that way they're lower and less sensitive and less likely that you will trigger a command by mistake and once you're in there for everything you can press the return arrow in the upper right corner and then back and you get back to the main screen of the lyric system so that is how you adjust the command the voice command feature and how you turn it off and how you adjust the sensitivity so that way it's less likely that your lyric will speak at you unexpectedly so if you have any questions about the lyric or about its voice command feature or about alarm monitoring services send an email to support if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you