Making a Honeywell Panel Work With

Making a Honeywell Panel Work With

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adi wires i'm george from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to make a honeywell panel work with service now a lot of you may be wondering how in the world do you do this because honeywell actually uses AlarmNet services and the remote application for Honeywell systems is usually Total Connect 2.0 Total Connect 2.0 is an app that allows you to arm and disarm the system just as well as alarm comm also has an app that allows you to arm and disarm the system both apps allow you to remotely interact with the system as well controlling any z-wave devices you have learned into it viewing any IP cameras whether they're Honeywell IP cameras or IP cameras both apps can do the same thing but what we want to find out today is how do we make a Honeywell system which typically uses Total Connect use alarm calm now if you were using a lynx or a lyric system these systems to this day still do not have a module or any kind of device that will allow it to work with alarm comm however if you have a Vista 10 Vista 20 Vista sorry this is a 10 Vista 15 P Vista 20p or even a vista 21ip there is a module that's called the SEM it's called system enhancement module what that is it's a it's a communicator that also includes a z-wave controller so if you get this communicator wired into the ECP bus on your vista panels you can actually control the system with alarm calm meaning that you can arm and disarm it if you have any z-wave devices learn into it you can also control that keep in mind however the z-wave control will only be possible through the app there will be no local z-wave control if you're using the SEM all right what the Dell current sem that we have right now that works with a Vista is a Verizon SCM so if you guys get the Verizon STM all you need to do is get a monitoring company to activate that for you and get you set up on the service what this SEM in system in half some module will do for your Vista panels is if for any reason you guys don't want to use Total Connect 2.0 or for instance you can let's say like the Vista 10 or I'm sorry the Vista 10 if that does not that does not have Total Connect compatibility however if you're looking and you have Vista tenant you're looking for some kind of remote interaction the SEM will work if for any reason you have a Vista 15 P 20 or 21 IP that you do not want to get set up with Total Connect and you just like the alarm comm service better you can also just wire in the SEM to it and you'll be able to control it using the alarm comm now as I was saying earlier both apps offer the same features the alarm com1 has a little bit more integrations with let's say like the Eco thermostats you can use the Lutron lighting and everything with the alarm com there's a lot other third-party integrations that you can do with alarm comm so if you guys have some of these devices that you want to use you may want to think about getting the SEM but typically people would use the Total Connect 2.0 service like I was saying we do have the SEM one in stock it's currently Verizon so before you order it you do want to make sure that wherever the system is located or wherever you're going to be installing that communicator the SEM that it has good verizon signal because if it does not have good rise in signal there's no way to get it activated because the system or the communicator will not be able to send out the alarm signals and it won't be able to receive the registration command from the alarm com or from your monitoring company if you guys do have any questions about the SEM and about what Vista system and it is compatible with and what features it'll give you feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you guys found this video helpful make sure that you like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload the new content you guys do get notified I'm Jorge I'll see you guys next time