System Enhancement Module (SEM) with Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator


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The ADC-SEM110-VT-VZ is a special communication module that allows a Honeywell VISTA Panel to connect with the Verizon LTE cellular network and connect with This is unique, since a Honeywell VISTA System would normally use Total Connect. Buy this ADC cell module here.
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For users who want to add cellular communication capabilities to a Honeywell VISTA System, the ADC-SEM110-VT-VZ is a viable option. Unlike most communicators that allow a VISTA to access Total Connect, this unique cellular communicator provides access to the service.

The most important feature of the module is that it provides cellular connectivity for a Honeywell VISTA System. Cellular monitoring is perfect for any alarm system because of its great reliability, fast speeds and consistency. Unlike WIFI, cellular service almost never goes down, and it is unaffected by power outages.

A major advantage for this communicator is that it connects to the Verizon LTE network. LTE stands for "long term evolution", and it represents some of the greatest advancements in cellular communication technology. With an LTE communicator, users will enjoy faster speeds when using smart home devices and quicker response times from a central station. Cellular providers have promised to support their LTE networks for many years into the future, so an LTE communicator will provide a tong-term solution. provides some excellent features and great usability for alarm systems. A user can access the service at any time to arm and disarm their system, control Z-Wave smart home devices and check the status of security sensors. The communicator also has a built-in Z-Wave controller, allowing users to set up Z-Wave devices with their Honeywell VISTA. But please note that local Z-Wave control will be impossible with this module. The only way to control any Z-Wave devices will be through, using either the web browser version or the mobile app.

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