Monitoring for a Self-Installed Interlogix Simon XT

Monitoring for a Self-Installed Interlogix Simon XT

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Interlogix Simon XT
Wireless Security System
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hadia wires I'm George from long guard today we're going to be going over if you self install a Simon XT can you still get it monitored quick and simple answer to that is yes any DIY alarm company really won't care if the system was self installed or if it was professionally installed as long as the system is able to send and receive out send and receive signals that is all that matters and that's all that's required in order for the system to be installed now there's two different ways that the system can send and receive signals you can either be using a phone line or you can have one of the alarm comm cellular communicators now the system does have phone line capability we don't however recommend staying with phone line if that is your only option then yes by all means you can do phone line however we try to stick to either IP or cellular since this panel does not have internet IP the only other option would be cellular right so you got two phone line or set either like I said phone line is not as reliable it's sometimes the signals being sent are dirty sometimes the Central Station may or may not receive a signal so we try to stay away from phone line and we try to just stick with cellular now there's various cellular options for this simon xt we have an 18 t 3g communicator we have an AT&T LTE communicator we have a Verizon LTE communicator there's a t-mobile communicator and then there's also if you're in Canada there's a Telus communicator right so you guys have a lot of different options to install in the system now the other good thing about getting a cellular communicator which is why you're getting better value for your buck when you get one first when you get a sudden your communicator is that adding a cellular communicator to the system also allows you to start adding z-wave devices by z-wave devices I'm referring to home automation such as lights locks thermostats plug-in modules light modules garage door controllers anything that z-wave and I can be home automated the cellular communicator actually adds that compatibility and capability to the Simon XT now the z-wave is actually controlled through an app call through the application so once you guys do have the set of your communicator any one of the ones that I mentioned and you guys get it activated and registered with a monitoring company they should be able to set up alarm comm service for you now there are some companies out there that can set up just the application for you there's some companies out there that can do just Central Station monitoring and there's people that do both we do all of them so if you guys want to do the application only we have that if you guys are looking for Central Station monitoring only without the app we have that also and if you guys are looking for a combination of both of them we also have that as well now what the app allows you to do is it allows you to control the system from your phone so if you pull your phone out you open up the app you're logged into your username you typed in your password you can actually go ahead and arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world you could be at work dinner in a different state out of the country as long as you have cellular or internet connection to your phone and you have the app open you can control your system from anywhere in the world you can set up email and text alerts you can control z-wave automate or z-wave home automation devices you can set up scenes and rules you can if you have alarm comm cameras they won't be able to be viewed on this panel however you can stream them off the app or through the website so you can actually view the cameras and tie it into the application what else can you do you can uh if you have thermostats you know you can set scenes to have the thermostat drop whenever you get arrived home there's different things you can do with the app it's a lot of different interactive services but I just know that you do need a cellular module for that as for the Central Station dispatching that's another another feature you get with the side of your communicator and with the phone line just to just to just to remind a little bit in order to do the application you do need a cellular module you cannot do the application with a phone line just because that simply won't work you need a cellular module to do the application the interactive service now going over to the monitoring the monitoring can be done through a phone line and it can be done through the cellular through a cellular communicator so basically there's no wires to cut if you guys are using a cellular communicator which is another reason why you recommend using that if you guys are using phone line anyone can go ahead and cut the phone line to your house and your system won't be reporting any alarm signals anymore adding senator to the system is just gonna make it that much more redundant alright and again for the Central Station dispatching that's something that you're going to set up with your monitoring company you you set up all of the phone numbers and everything all the signals that you want reported and yeah that's pretty much the monitoring on a self installed system like I said a DIY company won't really care if it is self installed or professionally installed as long as you have either a phone line or assetid your communicator for it that's all that matters and one last thing the firm work on your Simon XT does need to be firmware version 1.3 or higher to support modules which are the cell modules so make sure before you get the before you get the module you want to make sure that the revision is actually set to 1.3 and we actually have videos on how to check the revision and if you don't know all you simply do is use the up and down arrow keys and you just find the revision yeah it's very easy up and down you don't need any codes to find the revision this one's on a 1.6 you could see it yeah we do have a video on how to find that revision if you guys are looking for that information as well if you guys do have any questions about monitoring on a self installed Simon XT or even if you have an existing Simon XT please do contact us our email is support at alarm code comm if you found the video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm George I'll see you guys next time