Muting the Honeywell 5828V Wireless Keypad

Muting the Honeywell 5828V Wireless Keypad

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hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to mute a 58 28 V which is a wireless bi-directional keypad for Honeywell systems and basically we're gonna go over how to mute this keypad so today this is a 58 28 V it's a bi-directional keypad meaning you can arm and disarm you can't program to the through the keep at it only arms and disarms this one has the voice annunciator inside of it and it also chimes as well and I actually have it paired to my l7000 now right now this is battery-operated you also have the option of plugging in one of the power adapters to it or one of the power supplies to it what happens is if you plug in a power supply to it it'll constantly keep the the LCD screen lit if you have a battery powered only then you see here the else the LCD screen goes into like a sleep mode but to wake it back up I can simply hit press and hold star and it'll come back up ready for me to use and then within a couple of seconds it'll go back into that sleep mode so just to show you real quick I can actually arm from this from this keypad right here I can hit I have this pair to my l7000 and you'll notice that if I enter in my master code and the number two for away or the three for state it'll armed the system so it went to sleep I have to turn it back on I'm gonna go ahead and enter in my code and then the number two for away and it starts shining and it does the voice enunciation I'll go ahead and dip I'll go ahead and disarm it which is my master code and then the number one but basically this system is good just gonna act as a separate as another point where you can arm and disarm your system from so if you want to add this somewhere in your house you certainly can now I'm gonna go over how to actually mute this keypad since this can actually be used on Honeywell wireless systems like the Lynx touches so the l5210 the l7000 dl 5100 the one that it can't be used on is the lyric system the the reason why is because this uses house ID code and the lyric doesn't have that it can also be used on a Vista system that has a transceiver built in so if you guys have a 50 881 E&H a 61 60 RF and you guys want to add an extra keypad to it you certainly can the process for muting these is a little bit different so you notice how whenever I just armed away on the keypad it gave me the voice enunciation armed away and then it started giving that time whenever I nuke the keypad it just turns off the voice Annunciations so if you want to arm your system away and it doesn't tell you armed away that means that the voice has already been muted now the actual I'm gonna show you guys real quick how to mute the voice enunciation all you're going to do is you're gonna hit the function button which is the pound sign bottom right the number two yes so you can hit pound two for the volume and then one for off so count to one and now if I turn that off you'll see if I use if my are my system away this no longer repeats arm away watch so the keypad doesn't do the arm the way but the main panel will all we're doing is just muting the voice enunciation on the keypad so I'm gonna go ahead and disarm it my master code in the number one alright now again that's when we're muting it we're just simply turning off the voice enunciations the the actual button presses are still sounding and obviously you could also tell it was giving you that countdown time along with the l7000 as well now to re-enable it it's either pound 2/3 or pound to 6 right so if I go it went to sleep if I go pound 2 3 it'll say check and then you'll see now if I arm it away 1 2 3 4 2 and the disarm it so you all were doing when we're muting it is just turning off the voice enunciation so notice how to mute it it was pound 2 1 and to turn it on was pound 2 3 or pound 2 6 when you're doing this on a Vista system that has a transceiver you need to enter in pound 0 to 1 or pound 0 to 3 or 6 yeah so you have to make sure you hit that 0 before you hit any other command and that's if you're doing it on Vista systems that have a wireless transceiver such as the 50 881 enh or the 61 60 RF alright so again muting that is gonna go ahead and just mute the voice Annunciations on the 58 28 and if you guys do have any questions you can always email us at support alarmgrid calm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications or whenever we upload new content you guys are notified I'm George and I'll see you guys next time