Overview of the Smart Start Feature on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus

Overview of the Smart Start Feature on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus




hi di virus this is Michael from alarm grid and today I'm gonna talk about what is the Smart Start feature for the closest IQ panel to plus or original IQ panel to security system so the Smart Start feature it's it's a way for adding compatible z-wave devices there is a small selection of z-wave devices that can be used with the Smart Start feature and basically it just allows you to add a z-wave device using the panel's front camera to scan a QR code instead of doing a traditional exclusion inclusion process and it can be a little bit easier for adding see web devices if you happen to have some of the compatible Smart Start devices now to use the Smart Start feature you must be running z-wave firmware version 6.8 1.0 3 or higher and and that comes included on any Qualis IQ panel 2 plus security system that had a built in system firmware of 2 point 4.0 or higher when it was first out of the box brand new if you had to upgrade to that firmware or later firmware I believe around 2.5 point tube now and you were originally on a lower firmware than two point 4.0 then you're not on a high enough isie where firmware version yet and you would have to do the z-wave firmware updating process which we covered in another video and just a quick reminder to get that z-wave firmware version you have to have a minimum system firmware of two point 4.0 so that's a great time to do a firmware update if you haven't already done so and we cover more details about the updating process in that video there's a lot to go over so make sure to check out that video but today we have the Smart Start feature enabled we're already on the high enough firmware version so we're gonna just show off the future--and and how easy it is to use now we have a Qualis IQ dimmer here this is the box for the dimmer and then we have the the dimmer here so what we're gonna do we're gonna actually go and plug this in in the other room and we're going to use the QR code on the box to enroll it with the panel using the smart start feature there is also a QR code on the dimmer itself the plug-in dimmer module but it would be a little bit hard to maneuver the panel this is plugged in and get it under there so we're gonna just use the Box today there are there are other devices not all of them are plugging devices for using the smart start feature sometimes it's on the product sometimes it's on the packaging in this case it's on both which is convenient for us this is just a handy little plug-in lamp dimmer that you can use so we're gonna go ahead and show off this smart start feature and we're back we took a moment to plug in the closest IQ dimmer into a wall outlet so it's receiving power and it's within z-wave range of the system so now we're gonna demonstrate the Smart Start feature like I said we'll be using the QR code on the box so we have our closest IQ panel to plus security system running z-wave firmware version six point eight one point zero three and so it has a smart straight feature so to get to the Smart Start feature we're gonna choose the small gray bar at the top and we're gonna choose settings and we're gonna choose advanced settings then we're gonna enter in our installer code which is 1 1 1 1 we're gonna choose installation and we're going to choose devices z-wave devices and then smart start and it's loading the panel camera and what we're actually going to do we're gonna have the front panel camera and we're gonna be able to scan the QR code on the box and we want to just get it in inside this square here so we're gonna go and scan the code just kind of position it so it's in there and I'm pretty bad at this but there we go um and just like that it saw the camera well sorry the saw the QR the topic you are code for the IQ dimmer and we added in the dsk you can also enter in the Esk manually we don't recommend doing that just because you might make a mistake and this way it confirms that it doesn't see the QR code so we just recommend scanning it otherwise why are you using the feature in the first place and it is a light so we have it and we'll keep the name as light this is just for testing purposes so we just click the Add button at the bottom and just like that it's in its paired with the system it's not quite in the network yet it does have to do some refreshing for it to fully integrate that usually takes about a few minutes in the meantime you can place this trash and icon if you want delete it once it fully integrates with the network you'd have to do a traditional deletion process but we have it in the network now and once it's paired then we'll be able to you know use our IQ dimmer to dim the lights turn the lights on and off as needed so that's how you use the Smart Start feature on the IQ pound 2 plus that that's what the feature is it's it it added the light to the network just like that see it likes us so that's the Smart Start feature on the closest IQ panel - 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