Pairing the 2GIG SP1 Keypad with the 2GIG GC3

Pairing the 2GIG SP1 Keypad with the 2GIG GC3

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hi-dee-hi was joy from alarm grid today we're going to show you how to pair an sp1 touchscreen keypad to your gc3 system and the method that we're going to use to do this is we're going to join them both to the same Wi-Fi network and then we're going to pair them through that the dc-3 does have an access point mode which you can pair the keypad to the system with and it's super convenient if you install the dc-3 in a location that doesn't have a Wi-Fi network you'll still be able to pair that keypad with the system but with that being said the best way to do this is to join them both of the same Wi-Fi network and then pair them right through that now on the gc3 we've already set it up and we have it connected to the Wi-Fi here on the office but just to show you where that menu is I'm going to click the 2gig symbol enter the default installer code 1 5 6 1 and then down here you'll see it says network settings if I click on that and then before we go any further you'll see that this is where you can actually set up the access point mode so if you do want to use that feature this is the menu of where you'll where you'll go to do that but if we click on wireless will see that we are connected to our alarmgrid Wi-Fi network but if I click on that we get all the network information now on the sp1 I have already joined it to the Wi-Fi network bypassed back here and I click on wireless you'll see that it is connected to the alarmgrid Wi-Fi if I click on that we'll also see the network information in case we need to use it so back on our on our system if I press the back arrow here press the back arrow again in the back arrow again so we're back on the installer programming menu I'm going to click on system configuration and then you'll see on the right here it says keypads so if I click on that it'll load up the keypad programming menu and you'll see that there's four slots or there's actually eight slots available for keypads if I click on the first one I'm able to adjust it on the the right hand side I'm going to click on keypad used and enable it and then as you can see when you click on the menu it changes and here's the actual menu on the left and then you can adjust the values the menu on the right equipment code it is set to be an sp1 touchscreen device ID this is where you actually pair the keypad with the system so with that loaded up on our sp1 I'm gonna press the back arrow and I'm gonna go to pair so now this is actually listening for the main system I'm gonna click pair on the gc3 and as you can see we got a pairing key and a serial number on our sp1 and on our DC 3 it says sp1 is connected smart area assignment we're not going to go over that equipment age has no effect on anything as far as functionality goes it's really just a way for installers to know if they're installing a new device or if it's an existing device the emergency keys these are the panic button so if you want those enabled on the keypad you want to turn those on and then the voice descriptor is the name of the keypad so if I click Edit voice descriptor I can do wireless keypad I click done and then we're all set so if I click return to system configuration you'll see that the box is orange and that tells us that we've made some edits in programming I'm gonna click back again and then you'll see that it actually displays all the things that we did and if we see that there's a mistake or anything that we have to change we can discard it and go and fix it but we're gonna want to save this because it looks like everything is correct now that we're back on the main menu you're going to notice that the keypad is going to take some time to sync up and then it's going to display the exact same screen as the gc3 the sp1 is the best keypad to use for your GC 3 if you are looking for a wireless keypad there is another keypad called the SP 2 that is a touchscreen keypad but it's very basic in its functionality you won't be able to you won't be able to control any of your home automation devices or anything like that you're just going to be able to arm and disarm the system with it and see the system status and as you can see this is literally the exact same screen as the GC 3 they both they both work great if I go to arm the system as you can see we have let me close the front door real quick so as you can see they're both exactly the same and if I go to arm the system it should do the exact same thing on our sp1 keypad some of you arm away and it's literally the same screen so if I disarm it from the keypad click disarm I'll enter our regular code which I got wrong I think it's 1 1 1 1 perfect and now it disarms so this is the best keypad to use if you're looking for a wireless touchscreen keypad for your system if you do have the gc3 monitored by alarm comm you're also going to be able to control the functionality of the system as far as arming and disarming goes drilling home automation devices from a phone or tablet using the alarm comm app the nice thing about the keypad is that it's going to work on your Wi-Fi network alarm comm requires that there's at least a cellular connection from the system to the server if anything happens and that goes down you won't be able to use the alarm comm app to control your system the sp1 keypad on the other hand is it only relies on the Wi-Fi network in any event as long as that Wi-Fi network is up and they're both connected to it you'll still be able to control your system with the keypad thanks for watching if you have any questions about the gc3 the sp1 keypad or alarms in general feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two it head over to our website did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want us to send you an update when we post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll do that thanks for watching and have a great day