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2gig sp1 gc3 wireless touchscreen keypad for gc3

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The 2GIG SP1 is a wireless touchscreen keypad for the 2GIG GC3 System. It is considered to be the upgraded version of the 2GIG SP2. The device provides basic system control, along with voice annunciation, Z-Wave home control and weather display. Buy the 2GIG SP1 Wireless Touchscreen Keypad here.
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The 2GIG SP1 is a wireless touchscreen keypad designed for use with the 2GIG GC3 Alarm System. The device provides a secondary on-site access point for a GC3 System. The touchscreen controller makes it easy to perform arming and disarming functions and home automation functions for a GC3.

As an external keypad, the 2GIG SP1 is one of the most powerful devices we have ever seen. It features a beautiful 7-inch full color display screen, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It includes one-touch arming and emergency buttons for police, medical and fire. The device is very unobtrusive, measuring in at just 8.9"W x 5.7"H x 1.25"D.

The SP1 is often compared with its little bother, the 2GIG SP2. Both devices connect with a GC3 via WIFI, and they provide options for viewing system status, bypassing zones, arming and disarming the system and producing chimes. However, the SP1 provides greater features and functions than the SP2. These capabilities include voice annunciation, performing home automation functions and displaying a five-day weather forecast.

Included with the 2GIG SP1 is a 1.7A 14VDC plug-in transformer and a lithium polymer backup battery. However, a connecting cable is not included. We recommend using a Honeywell LT-Cable for this purpose. This 8-foot cable will provide easy power to the keypad. Standard 18-gauge 2-conductor wire can also be used. However, this will require some wires to be stripped.

Please note: Firmware Version on the GC3 System is needed to support the SP1 Keypad. A firmware update is available here.

Brand: 2GIG

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