PROA7 and PROA7PLUS: Controlling the Panel Volume


In this video, Darrell from Alarm Grid shows you how to control the volume on a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS alarm panel. The same ...


hi diy-ers this is Daryl with alarm grid today we're going to talk about the pro A7 Pro A7 plus controlling the panel volume first you're going to use the drop down menu from the home screen it's going to bring up the menu for the controlling the volume we're going to start with the volume here and you slide it and it gets lower when you go to the left we move to the right turns the volume back up until we're loud on the same screen we control the brightness which will dim the screen until it's almost dark and then bring it back up to full brightness we also have the cellular status Bluetooth status the AC power status and the Wi-Fi status we've got the backlight timeout which is disabled 30 seconds two minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes then you select which one you want to keep and it changes it to what you selected you have the voice which describes your chime feature with the voice when it's when you open the front door it'll say front door or whatever voice descriptor you have programmed for your Zone that opens the chime feature which is follows the chime of the front door back door any sensor that's programmed to chime then you have the Alexa voice which is if you're using Alexa you can use that feature to do all of the home automation with the Alexa pairing and finally you have the clean screen function this allows you to clean the screen to make sure there's no dust debris or there's no fingerprints on the screen so you can turn your voice on and off and that works in conjunction with the chime feature that allows the voice descriptors to be announced when the chime is enabled if you disable the chime and the voice you will not get a chime nor The Voice when you open a door that has a voice descriptor or a chime sound and turn them back on to enable the chime and the voice chime when you're done making your setting changes you can press the X in the top right corner of the screen and then I'll return the menu back to the top of the page you can also perform the same steps on the pro WL touch and the pro WL touch C touch screen keypads all right diy-ers so that's how you control the volume on your pro A7 plus if you have any questions you can email us at support you can go to our website if you found the video helpful like subscribe hit the Bell icon to get notifications when we create new content this is Daryl with alarm grid have a great day