PROA7 and PROA7PLUS: What Happens During AC Loss


Here Dylan from Alarm Grid covers how the PROA7 and PROA7PLUS panels behave in the event of an extended power loss.


hey DIY Dylan here with alarm grid today we're going to review what happens if my Pro A7 or Pro A7 plus system loses AC power uh so there's not much that's going to happen with the system when the AC power is lost but you will notice a few things such as the obvious AC loss message appearing on the screen it's also going to show in the event history of the panel uh after about 5 minutes or so if no one is touching the screen within that time the screen will go dark to conserve battery life and also the Wi-Fi and cellular Communicator if you have them installed those are going to power off unless the system is trying to send out a message so such as an alarm signal if you have this connected with the Total Connect 2 service during that time so if you have a longer power outage if those communicators are powered down Total Connect is not going to connect with this so you're going to have connection errors uh you'll get an error within Total Connect say it cannot reach the panel so that's expected if the AC power is disconnected during that time so we're going to show you pretty much what happens on the screen how to view the event history so you can see the AC power loss and then what happens when you restore the AC power as well okay so we have our Pro A7 plus system uh currently the AC power is connected so I'm going to go ahead and disconnect that from our Outlet okay so the AC power is disconnected now uh so now what will happen is we're going to get an error shortly and then every 30 seconds we're going to get a error beep that's going to let the panel basically let you know that hey something's wrong you need to check the system so right here we have the AC loss message we have the beep and again that's going to occur every 30 seconds uh so the panel actually does does have a feature called quiet time and basically what that does it's enabled by default what it does is between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. that's going to silence the beep so if you're trying to sleep uh you're not going to get that beep bothering you and waking you up and then after 8: a.m. comes around if the system is still in that error the beeping is going to return so you know hey okay something's still going on we have to check the panel as you saw the screen has turned dark so like I was mentioning earlier to conserve battery life that screen is going to power down and then we can just press it to power back on and then after about 5 minutes or so the Wi-Fi communicator and the backup cellular module if you have either installed that's going to power down as well again those are only going to power back on if the system is trying to send out some type of signal if you're trying to access this through Total Connect 2 while it's in this State you're not going to be able to connect so you're going to get a connection error within Total Connect and that quiet time feature that's going to uh apply for all types of troubles actually so not only the AC loss uh but other errors such as uh sensor communication issues sensor low battery RF Jam uh system low battery and such others so within the times I've again 10 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. you're not going to get that tone that we're hearing here so this is pretty much what happens while the panel is in AC loss and the way to restore that is making sure that you're getting the proper voltage so you need to be over 3.9 VDC if anything below that that's going to trigger the error and of course since we have our power supply unplugged that's going to cause the AC loss as well so easiest way to to get that functioning again is I'm going to go ahead and plug the power supply back into our Outlet Tap Screen here and we'll tap the screen power that back on we do still have another error that's not really related to this this is just a keypad that we have power down but if we press that that's going to show the active issues so we only have the keypad error I'm actually going to unplug the AC power again we'll give it a few seconds here hasn't reported AC loss yet so I'm going to wait for it to perfect so AC loss if we press that now we have the active issues we have the keypad error again not related to this video but we also have the system AC loss I'm going to plug this back in all right so I've have plugged the AC power back in as you see it's not showing there by default on the messages so we're just going to go in check our active issues we only have the keypad error that I mentioned again not related to this video uh if there still was an issue or if the AC loss message was still showing while it's plugged in you can attempt to clear it from here you're going to enter in your code we have 1 2 3 4 to we have 1 2 3 4 as the the default master code still we haven't changed that and any cleared errors will clear once you enter that code okay so we have the error cleared and now uh say if you're out of town or you're not home while this occurs so if you have a power outage but the power restores when you get back you can always check the event history of the system and that's going to log every time an AC power loss occurs and when the restoral occurs so you'll press the bottom three bars we go and scroll till we get to events it's gon to ask for a pin we're gonna enter the master code again one two 3 4 and there we go so right there we have the AC loss and then we have the AC restoral so if you're not home and this occurs you can just go into the event history it's going to log the time the date of the loss itself and then when the AC power restores okay so that is essentially everything regarding the AC loss for the pro A7 or the pro A7 plus system uh we unplugged the power supply from our outlet but again this a can occur if the voltage drops um or if you have a power outage basically where not enough voltage or power is getting to the panel itself we saw that right down here we got the popup for the error we showed how go into the actual error messages to view the active issues we showed how to clear it if that error was still showing uh but again ours just cleared automatically and then we also went into the event history to view the actual AC loss and then the AC restoral so again that's useful if you're not home when this occurs uh say you get a message through Total Connect AC loss you can also check through there as well uh but you can also check at the panel itself and again just as a reminder after about 5 minutes the system is going to start conserving battery power so that's going to have the screen go dark and it's also going to shut off the Wi-Fi and cellular Communicator if you have either installed and those will only turn back on if the system is trying to send out a message they will not turn on if you're trying to access this remotely through Total Connect 2 you're going to get a connection error through there if you did like this video please like the video hit the Subscribe option and hit the Bell notification uh if you had any questions feel free to reach out to us we have a contact phone number the phone number is 888 818 7728 uh we have a support email the email address is and if you come to our website www. alarmgrid domcom we have a live chat option there as well so with any questions just reach out to us uh through any of those three options again my name is Dylan from alarm grid and thank you for watching