PROA7 or PROA7PLUS: Configuring Apple HomeKit


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid will show you how to enable and pair a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS with Apple HomeKit. In order ...


hey DIY Dylan here with alarm grid today we're going to go over how to set up your pro A7 plus system with the homekit application on your iPhone uh so a few things that you want to do is you want to make sure that the panel is fully up to date uh if you are set up with an alarm company they can push that for you uh through the alarm net server and get that updated to the panel and then once set is fully updated you can check that you have the homekit setting in the panel and then get that paired to the application so we're going to check that we're going to enable homekit in the panel and then we're going to go through the process of pairing that with the actual application okay uh so now we're going to show how to enable the homekit option on the pro A7 plus system uh we'll make sure that that is enabled and ready for us to pair through the application and then we will get that paired through that application as well so first thing we want to do is go to the menu icon we're going to scroll until we get to tools we're going to enter in the installer code for this RS is still set as the default of 4112 we're going to go to programming okay we're going to press advance settings here at the bottom we're going to press on system and we're going to scroll all the way to the bottom of this until we see enable homekit ours is already enabled uh but if it's disabled it's going to look like that you want to press this for it to be blue and then we're going to save okay uh so now we're going to reset the homekit option on here which is always a good step just to make sure there's nothing that's going to stop the pairing process uh so for this let's just back all the way out we're going to go back into the menu we're going to scroll this time we're going to go to settings we see the Apple homekit option right there again we're going to enter in our installer code 4112 and then we see the reset homekit option okay so this is basically just going to reset the feature in the panel to allow the connection to go through without any issues okay that is all set here so now what we're going to do is we are going to start the pairing process so on the homekit uh you'll see the add accessory option there it's going to pull up our camera to find the QR code and to get the QR code back at the panel we're going to go to to the menu icon we're going back to settings back into Apple homekit again enter the installer code 4112 and then first option we see here is pair controller to homekit that's going to give us our QR code which we're going to scan perfect picked it up right away we're going to do add to Apple home and then we have some settings here so you can select the security location uh we'll just set this as living room you can enter a custom name for the system we're just going to keep this as Pro Series and then security system add to my home continue it's going to show the sensors that we have connected and we can can label these as well again we'll just put living room it's going to show another sensor so each sensor that you have programmed in here it's going to pull in and then you can customize it so front door you can name it okay our sensors are added okay so we have it paired now let's just test it so we're going to use homekit to try to arm the system so we're going to want the system back on the home screen for this I'm going to try to arm arm home armed home perfect we got the confirmation from the panel we don't have to wait for that to fully arm so we're going to disarm by pressing off disarmed ready to arm okay excellent uh so we have them paired we tested the functionality through homekit we're enable to interact with the system through there pairing process went smoothly and that's all there is to that okay uh so when we were getting the Sens programmed through homekit one thing I do want to make a note of is that life safety sensors will not be recognized by homekit uh so that's going to mainly include smoke detectors heat detectors carbon sensors uh the sensors that are really going to pull in are door contacts uh motion sensors glass brakes anything like that that's not going to be a life safety sensor so those will pull in but just keep note that smoke detectors carbon sensors and heat detectors are not recognized by homekit so if you don't see those pulling in that's just by Design it's not a a defect with the pairing process they're just not going to pull it in general okay so that is how you set up homekit on the pro A7 plus system as you saw it's a fairly simple process uh we checked a few things in the programming menus to make sure homekit was enabled and then we got it paired through the application itself if you did like the video please like And subscribe and hit the Bell icon to be notified about any future videos we release if you had any questions feel free to contact us our phone number is 88881