PROA7 or PROA7PLUS: Factory Resetting


In this video Darrell from Alarm Grid shows you how to set a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS, PROA7C, or PROA7PLUSC back to factory ...


hi diy-ers this is Daryl with alarm grid today we're going to talk about Factory defaulting the pro A7 and pro A7 Plus panel the only time you should really have to do this if something catastrophically has gone wrong and you have to remove everything and start over we're going to enter programming by hitting the three line menu we're going to swipe up and go to tools or enter the default installer code four one one two we're going to swipe up to default options we're going to select factory default it's going to give us a pop-up window asking us if we want to default the panel are you sure this is the last time you're going to get a chance to say no or cancel it because if you hit default this is going to erase the system back to the original factory defaults we're going to default the panel panel is going to default it's going to say please stand by and it should and will reset shortly foreign so what we're seeing is the original boot up if you were setting it up prior to activation we would go to set up the Wi-Fi we go to Wi-Fi networks reconfigure your wireless network you can check out our video on how to set up the Wi-Fi for the pro A7 Pro A7 Plus and that will take you through the next set of steps to set up the network or we can go back add it manually or do WPS enrollment we're going to skip this and go to local alarm mode which is the basic setup of the panel before activation It'll ask you if you want to continue for enabling a local alarm mode we're going to continue and that'll take us back to the home screen just to remind our diy-ers when you default the pro-way 7 and pro A7 plus you will erase everything in the panel it will default the installer code back to 4112 it will default the master code back to one two three four it will erase all Z-Wave devices that are paired to the panel which will have to be excluded and then re-included in another device or back into this panel if you choose if you have any six or Pro 6 devices they will also be deleted and they're looking for the reset command which will cause the LEDs to flash green fast on the devices that's the pairing command to let them know that they've been removed from the system all right diy-ers that's how we factory default the pro A7 and pro A7 plus panels if you have any questions you can email us at support or go to our website if you found the video helpful like subscribe hit the Bell notification icon to get notifications when we produce new content my name is Daryl with alarm grid everybody have a great day