PROA7 or PROA7PLUS: Using Lyric Sensors


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid discusses whether all of the sensors that work with a Lyric system can be used with a PROA7 ...


hey diyers Dylan here with alarm grid today we're going to go over can I use my lyric alarm sensors with the new Pro A7 plus system the answer is yes but there are some conditions that you're going to want to uh take note of so first thing you'll need if you're going to be using lyric sensors with the system if you have six branded sensors SI those can pair directly with the panel with no issue at all uh but if you have the older Legacy Honeywell 5800 series sensors or if you have 2 gig non-encrypted sensors that's the non-series you're going to need the pro takeover module now with that only one of the two can be used with the system uh so if you have both 5800 and the noner 2 gig sensors you're going to have to select which ones you want to use with the system as you can't use both the reason being is that this module can be only set set to work with either or uh there's a little dial here that will show a little bit closer uh you're going to set that dial to work with either the 5800 or the 2 gig sensors so again you cannot use both with this system okay so here is the Takeover module uh Now by default when you get this it's going to be set to number zero which is the 5800 sensors and if you're upgrading from a lyrics System uh as we mentioned earlier in the video that either going to use 5800 or 2 Gig if you are going to be using 2 gig sensors you would take a flathead screwdriver and turn that dial to number one and that's going to set this to work with two gig sensors uh number two is DSC sensors number three is qualis and number four is Bosch Those sensors are not going to be used with the lyrics system so we don't have to worry about those for now so again you're just going to want to focus on either setting this to zero if you're using 800 honey sensors or turn the dial to one if you're going to be using 2 gig sensors uh now we're going to show how to install this into the panel okay so we have the pro A7 plus system we have the mounting plate removed uh so this is going to expose the battery pack and this uh side panel here so the side that the battery is on we're going to remove this by pressing in the tab right here and then just removing that and we're have this slot right here which is where we're going to install the pro takeover module and the installation is very simple for this you just slide it in and push until secured and a good way to tell also is that this hole will line up with the uh screw Port where you can install a securing screw if you want to as well all right so we can install the cover back onto the system nice and secured and we have the the pro takeover module installed into the panel now so now we're going to review the uh programming process okay uh so we have our Pro takeover module installed into the panel uh we have the dial set to zero which is how it's going to come initially and again that is for 5800 Honeywell series sensors uh or Honeywell 5800 series sensors and then for the sensor itself we have a 5816 which we're going to get programmed to the system uh so for for programming we're going to go to the bottom menu here which is the three bars we're going to scroll until we get to tools and we have our installer code which is what we're going to use uh it's still set to the default of 4112 we're going to go to programming okay so for alarm sensors this is going to be under the peripherals option uh we're going to do a add new sensor so that that's the plus icon right here and we're going to fault the sensor perfect it programmed in and then uh it's going to show the 5800 and takeover it's going to show our serial number there since we're using the 5816 sensor as a fully wireless sensor we're going to want to change the service number from one to two and then we can also put a description here we had put back so the system is going to say back and then door as the device type is going to be said as well so we don't have to type in door as the second description on here so that's looking good let's save we're going to back out of programming all right and now let's test it we're going to fault the sensor back door open perfect and let's make sure it closes excellent it cleared okay so that is how you get your older sensors programmed to the new Pro A7 plus system again the six series sensors which were designed specifically for the lyric system they can program without any issue you don't need any extra modules or anything like that uh we programmed an older 5800 mini to the system and we showed that the module we have is set to work with those sensors if you have 2 gig sensors you're just going to have to change the on this for 2 gig and then it programs the exact same way uh if you did like the video please like And subscribe and hit the Bell icon to be notified about any future videos we release if you have any questions feel free to contact us our phone number is 888 81877 28 uh we have an email our email address is and if you go to our website www. alarmgrid docomo to reach out with any questions and we'll be happy to assist you again my name is Dylan from alarm grid and thank you for watching