Program a Honeywell SiXGB to the Lyric Security System

Program a Honeywell SiXGB to the Lyric Security System

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Honeywell SIXGB - Wireless Glass Break Detector
Honeywell SIXGB
Wireless Glass Break Detector
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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows you how to program a Honeywell SiXGB to a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. The Honeywell SiXGB is an encrypted wireless glass break detection sensor that is used exclusively for use with the Lyric. It sends an alert to the panel upon detecting an audible glass break event. It is great for monitoring windows and protective glass casings.

The Honeywell SiXGB uses 128-bit AES encryption when communicating with the panel. This helps prevent wireless hacking and takeover attempts. The sensor has a range of roughly (300) nominal feet, though thick walls and large metal objects can disrupt range. The sensor has a green LED light that assists with enrollment. When the device is unpaired with a Lyric Panel, the LED will blink quickly. Once it is successfully paired, then it will blink slowly. The sensor has a detection range of roughly (25) feet. It can be used to monitor multiple windows or casings when positioned properly. The device should have a direct line of sight to the glass that is being monitored. It uses a single CR123A battery for power. Use a lithium battery to ensure the longest life.

The Lyric System has a special SiX Programming Mode that you can use to enroll the Honeywell SiXGB. You can put the Lyric in this mode and then activate the sensor to send an enrollment signal. Either power on the sensor, or activate its tamper cover to send an enrollment signal. The panel will display the sensor on the screen. You can then edit the zone settings for the sensor. Most users will have the sensor set up with a Response Type of Perimeter. This means that if the sensor is faulted and detects a glass break event while the system is Armed Stay or Armed Away, then an immediate alarm will be triggered on the system.