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Wireless Glass Break Detector

Honeywell sixgb wireless glass break detector

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The SiXGB is the glass break detector specially designed for the Lyric Controller. Similar to Honeywell's other wireless glass break detectors the SiXGB is a discreet, simple-to-install glass break. If you need to protect a room full of windows, then the SiXGB is the device you've been looking for. Get it today and we'll help you program it to your system.
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The SIXGB is the newest of Honeywell's wireless glass break detectors and the only SiX series glass break. Honeywell's revolutionary SIX technology uses a 2.4GHz WIFI signal to communicate bi-directional, encrypted RF transmissions between the sensor and the alarm panel. This means the sensors are able to speak back and forth to the panel and constantly update battery life, RF signal strength and possibly more in the future. The 128-bit AES encryption is the first in class for peripheral sensors and offers advanced supervision protocols. The other benefit of SiX series contacts is an increased RF range of up to 300 feet. Currently, the Lyric Controller is the only alarm system that supports this technology but that may change over time.

The SiXGB's compact disk-shaped housing offers a sleek and convenient installation in contrast to its bulky predecessor the 5853. The new clean look does not limit its capabilities. There is a still the standard 25 foot radius of glass break protection. However now there are LEDs built into the device for testing and enrolling purposes.

When installing any glass break detector, placement is paramount. Ideally you want to have "line of sight" between the protected glass and the sensor. This serves for optimal sensitivity for detecting the "thud" and/or "crash" depending on how the pane is physically broken. There is a list of compatible types of glass that will trigger this sensor. Be sure to verify your glass meets these requirements. It can be found in the installation manual.

The SiXGB is powered by a 3 Volt CR123 battery that is included in the purchase of the sensor. This device should function on a single battery for five years with typical use.


The glass break sensor should work with the window but I would check with the manufacturer to see if they have any information about their windows and glass break detectors.
Will this work with Milgard Quiet Line windows ( It's essentially multiple windows in one. Or will the way that these windows are constructed make the glassbreak sensor less/not effective?
It depends on the type of blinds. The installation guide - has detailed information about best installation practices and things to consider when deciding if it will work in a room or not.
Will this sensor work even if the windows have blinds?
It would depend on the sound the TV is making. If it's an audio file of broken glass, that should not trigger a false alarm as the SiXGB has Flexcore technology that requires it to hear the "thud" or flex created when the glass is hit right before the shattering noise. Also, if you were armed to stay and in the home and something did cause the glass break to false trip, you would receive a phone call from the central station before the police were dispatched so you could stop the dispatch just by answering the call and telling the operator it was a false alarm.
If the sensor is in a room with a television, and the television makes a glass break sound, will it trigger the sensor?
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