Programming the VISTA-21iP To Use IP Only

Programming the VISTA-21iP To Use IP Only

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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid discusses how you can program a Honeywell VISTA-21iP Panel to use IP communication only. This is as opposed to dual-path communication, in which the system would have both cellular and IP communication paths available. An IP monitoring plan is needed to activate.

The Honeywell VISTA-21iP has a built-in P communicator for this exact purpose. The communicator allows the system to maintain connectivity with the Resideo AlarmNet360 Servers. This is necessary for alarm monitoring service and for using the system with Total Connect 2.0. Just remember that you will need an alarm monitoring plan to activate the communicator. If you choose to receive monitoring service from Alarm Grid, then you can choose from any of our monitoring plans. All of our monitoring plans include IP connectivity.

In order to program the IP communicator, you will need to enter programming. This requires entering the Installer Code for the system. Remember that the default system Installer Code is 4112. It is strongly recommended that you use an Alphanumeric Keypad when programming the system. Trying to use a Fixed English Keypad will result in you operating blindly, and it is very likely that you might make a programming mistake. Please note that the built-in IP communicator for the 21iP allows for connectivity using a hardwired ethernet connection. There is no way to add WIFI functionality to a VISTA-21iP.

It is recommended that you add a cellular communicator to the system if possible. This is because using IP-only communication will result in a loss of connectivity with the AlarmNet Servers whenever the internet goes down. Having cellular backup will allow the system to maintain connectivity in these situations. Some of the best dual-path communicators to use with the VISTA-21iP include the Honeywell LTE-IA and the Honeywell LTE-IV. Remember, you will need a monitoring plan that includes cellular service to use cellular communication with the system. This could be a Gold or Platinum Level Plan from Alarm Grid.


Hey DIYers, I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today, I'm going to be showing you guys how to program your VISTA-21iP to use internet only. Now, the VISTA-21iP is a Honeywell, or now known as Resideo, wired alarm system. It is basically the same thing as a VISTA-20P, except the VISTA-20P has an internet communicator built into it right onto the board, so the panel comes ready. All you have to do is plug it into your router and you're ready to go. Now, you also have the option of adding cellular communicators to them. Right now, there are no LTE cellular communicators for the normal VISTA-21iP. You do have the option of adding an external cellular communicator. You just have to do something with a jumper to turn it to look for external communicators and not use these internal ones. It's a whole setup. If you guys decide to do that, you can contact us and we can help you out with that. But today, I'm just going to show you guys how to program it to use internet only. So the first thing we need to know is the installer code. We do need to be able to go into programming. And make sure you have the installer code, not the master code. There's a difference. Installer code you used to go into programming. The master code and any other sub-user codes, you use to arm and disarm the system. All right. So if you know your installer code, you would enter that in plus 800 which is the command to enter into the programming. So mine is defaulted, so I'm going to enter in 4112800, and it brings me into Installer Code 20. Now, if you're looking closely, I have a 6160 alphanumeric keypad, which means it actually displays the fields that I'm in. And you are going to need a 6160 because the level of programming that we're going into is actually deep level programming, which is where we need to be to change the IP-- or the communication settings on your VISTA-21iP. If you're using a 6150, meaning if you enter in your installer code 800 and you want to see a 20, this process will not work for you and you should stop and exit out before you go into deep-level programming, as you'll be working blindly and can possibly break your system, which would cause you to have to buy a new one and you don't want that. All right. So when we're in installer code programming, we have to go to our Communications menu, which is Star 29, so Star 29. Now, it's asking us if you want to Enable IP-GSM and already, you can tell the difference between the alphanumeric and the 6150 fixed English, right? It doesn't show that, so that's what I'm saying you're working blind. You don't know what to enter in. You don't know if it accepted a button press. You literally have nothing to go off on this keypad. This one is the one you will need to go into deep-level programming. You need to keep the IP-GSM enabled. So I'm going to hit 1 for yes. Hit 1 and then Start to continue to the next menu. Now, it's giving us the option to Program, to check the Diagnostics or to Quit. We need to go into the Programming of the Communication settings on the VISTA-21iP, so I just enter in 1 and it brings me into my first field-- the Internal Device. Now, I actually have the internal communications enabled on this system, which is what I was telling you earlier about the jumper, which is a complete different subject. But so since I have that on the correct two jumpers, it's looking for internal communications. And I actually have a GSM board snapped into my VISTA-21iP, but today's video is showing you how to enable it for IP only. So when you're in these menus, you use Star to scroll through the options and Pound to go to the next option. So I'm going to hit Star just to show you guys what we have. All right. We have we had IP at first, now we have GSM. Now, we have IP and GSM, and then if we hit Star one more time, we're going to get Disable. So if you want to disable the comms, you would do that here. And if you hit Star again, we're going to get IP only. So I don't want my panel to look for the GSM, I just want it to use internet only and you can program it to do so just by switching this in the communication programming. So after we do this, you now hit Pound to go to the next field and the rest of the field are all communication settings that you don't need to worry yourself about. This is mainly for the alarm company. So what I'm going to do is just hit Pound until I get to the very end, which it's going to ask me if I want to review, and I'm going to simply put, no. So you see, there's a lot of different options here. At the end, it will ask me to review. So Review. Make sure when you're doing this, you're also going through it slow. You don't want to just keep hitting Pound and then get here and hit Pound by accident. It's going to ask you if you want to review it, yes or no. Review means you want to go over every single thing that you changed. You don't have to review it, so it's giving you the yes or no option. This is where I have to use my Function keys. The bottom one is Shift, the third one is Yes-- or it's No or Yes. The second one is Up or Down, and this one, if you use Shift and the top one, it's to Exit. So right now, I'm just going to hit No, so I'm going to hit the third key, and you'll see it-- it'll put in N for November right there. And after I hit N, I'm going to hit Pound to move to the next field. It'll say, "updating the root file." For mine, I believe it said failed, but that, again, that's because it's not registered. And then it should take you out. If you guys get stuck in a blank screen, you will have to use the Shift and Exit. So you have to use the fourth button and the top button, if you guys get stuck on a screen that you're entering your numbers and it's not allowing you to Exit. If it takes you back out to here, perfect. Just hit Star 99 and you're out. If you don't get the enter Star or Pound, again, hit the Shift function and hit the top button and then it should take you back to the main programming screen, where it'll say enter Star or Pound, and then you can Exit by using Star 99. Now, again, this is just if you plan on using the VISTA-21iP with internet only, that's if you're using the internal communication devices on the panel. If you put the jumper to the off position and you're going to use an external communicator, so you can use the LTE-IA, LTE-IV, 7847i, it's still the same process. You still have to go into Star 29 to go into the communication programming, but it would just-- the jumper would be on a different set of pins. All right. So if you guys need any help whatsoever getting your VISTA-21iP set up for monitoring, activated, if you guys need any help, by all means contact us at If you found the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath, Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable the notifications by hitting the Bell icon, so when we upload new content, you guys get notified. I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time.