PROWLTOUCH: Connect Using Access Point Mode


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid shows you how to connect a PROWLTOUCH wireless touchscreen keypad with the PROA7 or ...


hey diwi Dylan here with alarm grid uh today we're going to go over how to connect the prow touch keypad it's going to be out of frame sorry about that power is a little short uh but we're going to connect the prow touch keypad to our Pro A7 Plus panel and to connect that we're going to use the AP or access point mode instead of connecting this through Wi-Fi okay so we have our Pro A7 plus system system and we have the prow touch keypad uh so before we get started something to note is that when you're trying to connect through AP mode your system itself needs to be on firmware version 03129 750.0 or higher for this AP mode to be available so you'll want to check the firmware of the panel if this is also connected with an alarm company they can check that firmware for you remotely and also push any updates over the air so as long as your panel is on the correct firmware you will have this AP mode uh available to you so before we connect through the AP mode uh we previously had these two connected through a Wi-Fi connection and just to make sure they don't try to connect through that Wi-Fi connection again we're going to forget the Wi-Fi network from the prow touch so to do this we're going to go into Wi-Fi networks as you see it says right here connected to our alarm grid that is our Wi-Fi network that's going to pull up a list of the networks we're going to tap on connect the network and then in the top right we see the forget option okay so that cleared it we see there's nothing under connected networks it's just going to show the available networks now so we'll back out of there we're going to keep this right here and then we're going to go over to the Pro A7 plus we're going to press on the uh bottom menu here we're going to scroll until we get to tools we're going to enter the master code we have our still set as the default which is 1 2 34 and then we're going to see right here WiFi touchscreen enrollment uh now there is also another way to access this just real quick again we press the bottom we're going to scroll down to tools we're going to use the installer code this time RS is still at the default so 4112 going to go to programming peripherals add and then we'll see the add Wi-Fi touchcreen option uh so we're going to go back to the other way but this is essentially the screen that we're going to get to this is how we pair through AP mode it's going to give give us an SS ID of the panel and it's going to give us a password to enter let's back out of there all the way back back into the three menu tools again the master code one two 3 4 and then Wi-Fi touchscreen enrollment okay so we have that set up right now so now we're go back to the prow touch keypad and we're going to add this information through the keypad so we're going to do add WiFi we're going to see the pro A7 we're going to check the SSID make sure these match they do we're going to enter in the password Okay so okay we have the password entered we're going to press save and we're going to connect okay we have the connected showing on the prow touch we're going to wait for this to fully connect to the actual proac 7 plus system okay uh we have the connection it's going to ask us for either the installer or the master code so we're just going to enter the master code again we have the default one two three and four all right connected to controller press okay all right so let's back out to the home screen of the panel here uh so right away we're seeing that the error we have on the pro A7 plus this is for another keypad we had to set up initially which is powered down so that's why we're getting that error there that's showing on the prow touch so that's a good indication uh we have the times both matched up 30:3 p.m. uh now let's go ahead and try to arm from both and just make sure that both of them arm the exact same way so first we'll do it from the pro A7 we're going to arm it to arm home armed home perfect we get the countdown on both we're going to cancel enter in our master code perfect we saw that both the pro A7 plus and the pr touch disarmed and now we're going to do that same uh sequence but in Reverse so we're going to start from the prowl touch arm it we'll do arm home again okay we get the same countdown on both both were saying harm uh armed home we're going to cancel one two 3 4 perfect and then we got the disarm on both the pr touch and the pro A7 plus keypad uh so that's a good indication that both are functioning we have that connection working and both are connected directly through that access point option okay so that's how you connect your prow touch keypad to the pro A7 Plus panel again we use the AP or access point mode to connect them directly we showed how to get get the SSID from the uh Pro A7 plus keypad we got the uh the prow touch connected and we tested that connection make sure both are functioning properly if you had any questions for us feel free to give us a call uh we have a support line the phone number is 888 81877 28 we have a support email the email address is and if you come to our website which is alarmgrid we have a live chat service on there as well so feel free to reach out to us any of those three ways again my name is Dylan from alarm grid if you did like the video please like the video hit the Subscribe option and ring the bell for notifications and thank you for watching