Qolsys IQ Lock-PG: Setting Up on IQ4 Panel


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid shows you how to pair and use the Qolsys IQ Lock-PG with the Qolsys IQ Panel 4. Since this ...


hey Di wires Dylan here with alarm grid today we're going to review how to set up the IQ lock power G with the IQ panel 4 uh so when you're setting up the lock obviously the first thing you want to do is get the lock installed onto your door frame uh we already have this installed onto our dis playay here so I won't be showing much of that process um but we do have an FAQ which details this and the actual lock will come with an installation guide that reviews that as well um so when you're getting that installed just make sure you're following either our FAQ or that guide uh to the te to get the installation process done properly and then what we'll uh what we'll show in this video is more of how to pair this with your alarm panel and to control it through the alarm panel itself okay uh so we have our IQ panel 4 here um again so we have our lock installed already uh again just to mention check out the installation guide for that and we also have a helpful FAQ on our website uh that's going to review that installation process for you when you get the lock it's going to come with a bag of accessories this is going to be the face plates for your frame uh it's going to be the face plates for your frame it's going to be screws and it's going to have a reset key here as well uh so again the installation guide reviews more of that but what we're going to focus on here in the video today is how to get it paired with our IQ panel 4 and how to get it working so we're basically going to test that it's going to work from the panel and vice versa so when you want to pair the lock the first thing you want to do is check the firmware for your panel all right so we're going to check the firmware here going to press the top Gray Bar we're going to go into settings we're going to go to advaned settings uh we're going to press the install our code or it's just still the default 1111 we're going to go to about and then we'll go to software so right here software version ours is showing as 4.4.1 uh for this lock to pair with your panel you need to be on at least 4.4.0 so we are in the correct firmware so we know we are good on that if you need to update the firmware we actually have another video in FAQ reviewing that update process um normally that's going to require the panel is connected to Wi-Fi uh but there is an option just in case you don't have that Wi-Fi available which is the AP connection so as long as you have the firmware up to date again to 4.4.0 or higher uh you can get this lock paired to the panel all right so let's go back there okay so um what we'll do is we're going to enter in the autolearn mode on the panel so pretty much for everything topg grade bar settings we're going to enter advanced settings again again we're going to use the installer code one one1 uh we are going to go to installation and then we are going to go to devices right here we're going to go to Automation and then we will do uh autolearn devices so since this is a power G lock it's not going to program it as a zwave option because it's using that power G feature uh so so when we are in this setting here what we're going to do is we're going to apply power to the lock itself okay so we have our lock we have one battery that's out just so this isn't powered on we're going to turn this around and we have our back option here where we're going to install the batteries and get this powered on so I'm going to put this last battery into place power the lock on we have we heard the beep we got the green LED there okay and on the panel we have the sensor pulling up so that shows that it has connected with the actual panel here okay so we have on here the autolearn power g sensor that means that it had picked up the lock once we have that powered on we're going to press okay and then we have the settings option here for the lock uh so there are a few settings that we can see here so we have the sensor ID that pulled in when we autolearn the lock we have the door lock volume uh that is going to adjust so it's on by default so that first beep that we heard when we powered on the lock uh we can turn that off if we want if we don't want that lock to be Audible in this case we're just to keep it on since it's the default option we want to hear the beeping from the lock Sor type P in as door lock because that's what it is uh relock timer so what this does so by default it is set to disabled if we press on this we're going to see the options available to us we have 30 seconds 60 seconds 120 seconds and 180 seconds so what this does is if the the lock is unlocked uh this timer is going to tell the lock when to relock so without us needing to do anything without us needing to lock it manually at the lock without us needing to lock it through the panel or if this is all set up with alarm.com you can set that through there as well this is just an automated feature so the lock will lock itself after the set amount of time uh that we have done there sensor name so again default is front door but if we have this on a different area we can select one of the pre-selected options or we can press custom name and type in the descriptor here to show a name so for example I'm just going to type in test then done so the lock will be named test but in this case I'm going to have this install my front door and we have the pin Cod option here which is optional um so this is mainly used again it's optional but it's mainly used if you have more than one lock that you're pairing with the system and you just don't you don't want to mix them up on the back of the lock you'll see the option for the PIN code it's going to be listed there so you can enter that here um that way you can just keep track the locks a little bit easier um so if you enter in the wrong PIN code here the lock will still learn in but it's not going to function properly so if that is the case if you are using the PIN code option and you enter it in you go through the pairing process but for some reason that lock is not working double check the PIN code double check it's matching from the lock to the panel itself in this case we're going to leave that blank so we're going to go to pair okay so we have the lock showing here uh it is paired and what we will do now so I'm going to go back to home going to swipe turn the lock around here okay so we are going to press press the option we're going to do lock all okay so pressed the option there it locked we got the confirmation beep from the lock because we kept that volume option enabled we see the lock status here going to tap on this again got the confirmation beep we saw the deadbolt going and out and we see uh the status is unlocked now you can also access this from alarm.com um but real quick before we do that so if you have any issues pairing the lock to the panel a a good thing to do is actually to reset the lock itself uh so pretty simple the lock is going to come with this little reset tool and you'll see the reset button option there you're going to hold this in there for about 5 Seconds the lock will beep to indicate the reset and then you'll just go through that pairing process once again that we did it'll pull right into the panel just fine and perform as we just saw there all right so now I'm going to pull up my alarm.com application and we will show how to access this through that okay so we have the alarm.com application pulled up here I'm going to scroll down to the lock section uh so we already have a Z-Wave lock paired that's our alarm grid lock there then new lock came in just showing Lock so we can access the lock from alarm.com so if I tap on that I'm going to press lock it's going to ask us to confirm that lock [Music] command perfect got the confirmation I'm going to tap on that again I'm going to send the unlock command excellent so that is working properly now something else that's pretty cool is if we go to more and then users uh I'm going to go to the master user here we're going to edit and then as you see right now it says locks no access so I'm going to press on that it gives us the lock there I'm going to press enable I'm going to press save okay I'm going to let that sync up with the panel okay so the sync uh has completed that can take a couple minutes so just be patient with that uh once that's completed that synch uh sync option is going to disappear so we know it's good so essentially what I've just done is that I've set it so I can access that lock through this user on alarm.com but what I've also done is I've set our code 1 two 3 4 to the lock itself so say I want to manually unlock the lock at the Lock okay so let's go ahead and lock the lock so I'm going to press and hold down this for a few seconds okay we have the red LED and we have the dead bolt indicating that the lock is locked uh so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the 1 two 3 4 code which is our master code for the alarm panel and I'm going to use that to unlock the lock at the key pad so we will do one 2 3 4 hold down the IQ lock button got the deadbolt we got the green LED so we've essentially programmed a user code from alarm.com to the lock itself uh so now that can really only be done through alarm.com when you want to program custom codes to the lock uh so just go through that process that we showed here enable the lock feature for a user and if you're setting up a new user uh you will create the code you'll set it to work with this lock let it sync and then that's going to push directly to the lock itself okay so that is how you get the uh IQ lock power G paired to your IQ panel 4 uh we went through that pairing process again for the actual installation of that make sure you review the in install guide that comes with the lock and then we also have the helpful FAQ on our website www. alarmgrid dcom uh if you did like the video please like the video subscribe to our Channel and press the Bell icon to be notified about any future videos we release if you had any questions for us feel free to contact us uh we have a support phone number that phone number is 888 81877 28 we have an email address which is support alarm grid.com and then if you come to our website again that website is www. alarmgrid dcom uh we have a live chat option on there as well so with any questions you have feel free to contact us through any of those options and we'll be happy to assist you again my name is Dylan from alarm grid and thank you for watching