Qolsys IQ Panel 4: Compatible Keypads


Dylan from Alarm Grid shows you which secondary keypads are compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 4, and how to connect each ...


hey Di is Dylan here with alarm grid uh today we're going to go over which keypads work with the IQ panel 4 uh so we have about three keypads that we're going to pair to the panel today I'm going to show a quick installation uh I'm going to show the pairing process for each and then we're going to test each keypad with the system to make sure that the arming and disarming feature works properly okay uh so we have a few things on our table here uh to start off we have our iq4 panel we have the IQ remote power G we have the uh DSC hs2 LCD wf9 n this is our wireless keypad and then we have the wired option right here this is the DSC hs2 lcdp n uh and then we also have for this keypad you're going to need a wired to wireless converter to connect it with the iq4 so we have that over here and this is the DSC pg9 WLS hw8 so we are going to start off with our wired keypad uh now I already have this wired up but I'm going to show you the wiring real quick so on the back we already have the back plate removed okay so we have our wiring terminals on the back here and they made it pretty simple for us with the RB Y and G that stands for red black yellow and green so you just need to match your wire colors to this we don't have yellow so we're just using white so we have red black white and green attached let me just put the back plate back on to this okay and then right over here on our wired to wireless converter we attach that to the core buz terminals uh and again they made it pretty simple for us red black yellow green so you're just going to match the wiring to this and then the keypad is going to get its power directly from this converter as well so the converter itself has its power supply connected and that's all the power we need for this so we're going to come over to the iq4 and we're going to get that paired so we're going to go to the top menu here we're going to go into settings we're going to go to advanced settings uh we're going to enter in our installer code ours is still the default so 1 one one one we're going to go to installation devices security sensors and we're going to manually add this so we're going to do add sensor our source is already set to power G which is good we're going to do the DL ID and that's going to be located right over here on our converter so 460 3724 460 3724 and right away it picks up that it's a keypad and it knows it's wired to the corus option uh so for the sensor name you can keep it as keypad or you can put a custom description where you type in your own or there's some pre-made ones right here so say that this is going to be our downstairs keypad uh so next thing you'll want to do is add the sensor ESN and where that is going to be located is on the box here so we see the SN that's our serial number so we're going to enter that in five 2 one two uh 0 five C and two okay so that picked up uh everything else is looking good our source power g sensor type is keypad sensor group is fixed intrusion that means this is going to be a stationary keypad and we're going to use it for our arming and disarming you have the option to enable a tamper I'm going to keep ours disabled and then the backlight option is going to keep the backlight on the keypad so it's nice and easy to read so we're going to do add new and right there it went from keypad not paired to systems Reddit arm so we have this as a functioning keypad now all right so now we're going to pair the wireless keypad uh and again this is the DSC H2 uh hs2 LCD wf9 n so this has the option to be powered through a wired power connection we have a barrel connector right there uh but the cool thing about this is that it can also be wired by only battery power so I left one of the batteries out here just so you can see that the keypad does have indicators on how the batteries are installed so we're just going to put our final battery in place power up the keypad it's going to show us the DL this is if we want to do the manual enrollment as we did for the uh the wired keypad uh but this also can be enrolled through the auto enroll feature uh which is what we're going to do since we did the manual for the other one so back at the iq4 top menu settings advaned settings we're going to enter in the installer code 1111 we're going to go to installation devices security sensors and then again we're going to do the auto enrollment so we're going to press press autolearn and now for this keypad we're going to press a key on it just to wake it up and as you see it says hold one and star to Auto enroll so that's exactly what we're going to do we have the confirmation here the sensor ID which we can check on the back 378 0399 and that's what we have showing on the screen as well we know it's the correct keypad press okay and it's going to give us a similar screen that we got when we enrolled the uh the wired keypad so again sensor name this is so we know where this is going to be uh we had the wired keypad as our downstairs keypad so I'm going to set this as our upstairs keypad and again it gives the same options as the last screen that we had uh I'm going to keep this as it fix intrusion uh going to keep the tamper disabled backlight on and we're going to add new okay sensor added successfully and let's just check on the keypad again now you notice that the the screen keeps turning off that's going to happen while this is on battery power only that's a conerve of the battery life uh if you have it plugged in that screen is going to keep on a little bit longer so the system is ready to arm similar to how our wired keypad was so that is two keypads we have programmed back out to the home screen there and then finally this is the IQ remote power G uh so this is wired uh for power so it comes with a barrel connection and this has a backup battery as well uh now this has a few ways that you can actually pair it you can do Wi-Fi pairing uh where you're going to select your Wi-Fi name here so ours is alarm grid you'd enter in the password we'll come back to that in just a moment uh but you also have the power G pairing uh which is a bit better because that power G has a uh further signal range so if you have the option connecting through Power G is preferred okay so first we're going to do the Wi-Fi pairing just to show how that goes so again you want to find your network we're going to enter in the password here all right so we have our password we're going to connect wait for the keypad perfect it shows connected now this must be on the same Wi-Fi network that you have the iq4 connected to so we're going to start the pairing process back into settings advance settings again installer code 11 one1 uh installation devices and since we're doing the Wi-Fi pairing we're going to do Wi-Fi devices and then you see right here IQ remote and then we're going to do pair so this is going to put this into a pairing process and while that's going we're going to come back to the remote press Wi-Fi pair all right and now once that connected this is going to automatically search online for any firmware updates uh and then it downloads them automatically so while this is uh downloading you just want to keep that as is Let It Go go through all the updates as you see we have quite a few so we're going to let these download and we'll be right back okay and we're back so we had uh the updates go through the IQ remote uh rebooted came back up to the main screen here which is shown good and then back at the iq4 we see the status as active for the IQ remote so we know that the Wi-Fi pairing worked now since this does have another option to pair through Power G I'm going to show you that as well so I'm going to delete the keypad from the main panel as you see it brings us directly back to that first pairing screen and then it deletes it from the panel itself uh so back out to the home screen uh so this canare pretty similarly to uh the to the main key to the main panel Chanel uh as the other two keypads did it has the manual option and then has the auto enroll option so just going to quickly show you the manual option so back into the top menu settings advaned settings 1111 installation devices uh security sensors add sensor okay so we have uh the option for the DL ID now to locate that for the IQ remote you're going to press remote details and then we have the sensor ID showing right there uh so since again we've already done the manual enrollment for one of the keypads the process is exactly the same uh so what I'm going to do for this is I'm going to do an auto enrollment as well as I did for that wireless keypad so we're going to back out of there start the main main screen again top menu settings advaned settings 1111 installer code installation devices security sensors uh and again since we're doing the auto pair autolearn sensor and then on the IQ remote we have the power G pair button right there right away and that's the sensor Di ID that we saw before so it's good to actually write that down just so you can confirm it but we do know that this is correct so I'm going to press okay we have our options again here same as the other uh screens that we've been seeing I'm going to set this as our master bedroom keypad whoops master bedroom uh we don't have the option for backlight because it's a a touchscreen panel and we're going to do add new okay sensor added successfully we're just going to wait for the keypad to show that as well okay [Music] initializing and since we've already paired it through the Wi-Fi and it downloaded all the firmware updates uh we shouldn't have that screen pop up again so we're just going to wait here master bedroom keypad normal perfect it's good indication so it should change to the main screen any moment now there we go all right system is now disarmed okay so now we have all three keypads paired to the iq4 uh so now we're just going to test each and make sure they're all working so let's start with the IQ remote since that's what's in my hand uh we're going to do select Arm System type arm stay stay mode selected IQ hardwire bypass arm stay we see it showing here as well indicating for both and then you can see on our wired keypad that showed armed and then just real quick on the wireless that shows armed as well perfect so that's a good indication that all are paired properly I'm going to disarm from the panel ENT turn our Code system is now disarmed and on all three keypads and the iq4 it shows disarmed now perfect all right we're going to move over to our wireless keypads I'm just going to press key on here to wake this up all right so we have the keypad awake we're going to enter in our code one two 3 4 we have the arming on all three keypads and the iq4 disarm enter the same code 1 2 3 4 system is now disarmed disarm on all three keypads and the main panel perfect we're going to move over to our wired keypad now and it's the same process as the wireless we're going to enter in our code one two 3 4 we got arming on all keypads and the main panel one two three four to disarm system is now disarmed and disarm showing on all all keypads okay and we're going to arm from the main panel itself so arm stay IQ hard wire byass arm stay okay armed on all three and let's disarm one 2 3 4 system is now disarm perfect all right okay so that is all the keypads programmed tested all functioning all show the same arming status and looks like we're good to go okay so we have our keypads paired to the iq4 uh we went through the pairing process of of each of the three keypads uh we tested the arming and disarming and all worked properly as expected if you had any questions for us feel free to reach out we have a support email the email address is support@alarmgrid.com uh we have a support phone number the phone number is 888 81877 28 and if you go to our website which is www. alarmgrid dcom we have a live chat option on there as well so feel free to reach out through any one of those options if you did like the video please like the video hit the Subscribe option and then press the Bell icon to be notified about any future videos we release and again my name is Dylan from alarm grid and thank you for watching