Qolsys IQ Panel 4 - Connecting to AC Power


In this video, Griffin from Alarm Grid shows the viewer how to connect the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 to its transformer for primary power.


hey diyers Griffin here with alarm grid and today we're going to go over applying power to the qolsys iq4 system so let's go ahead and let's get into it so first thing we're going to go over is the type of connections the iq4 comes with about an eight foot cable it has a barrel connector on one side and Spade connectors on the other this makes quick installation if your wire run is not going to be very long and you're near an outlet so you can just put the barrel connector in and hook this up and drop the wire near an outlet and connect your Transformer but if you need to go further than eight feet the recommended wire size is 18 gauge stranded uh 18 gauge because what it is 18 gauge is what fits into the connections for the wires the LT cable does not fit into the iq4 connections so if you're not going to go very far there's no need for the LT cable because you've got the cable that comes with it so let's go ahead and let's take a look at the panel now so on the back of the iq4 whenever you're taking it Off the Wall this little screw down here is going to be on the bottom so you would stick a Phillips tip screwdriver up through this little hole and loosen the screw so that way you would be able to pop it off the wall so in this case it's not on the wall so we're just going to Simply pop the back off of it like that and when you pop it off you'll see this little white block here and what this is for this is for your stranded wire if you don't want to use the barrel connector or you need the wire run to go further than eight feet and if you look at the signs on the front of it you'll see a plus sign that's where your red wire will go and you'll see a minus sign or a dash that is where your black wire will go the plus sign stands for positive voltage the minus sign stands for ground this panel does have polarity so at the Transformer you want to make sure the red is on the positive and the black is on the minus as well for if you reverse those wires in any way you could possibly damage your panel so we're going to do is we're going to take a look on connecting the 18 gauge stranded wire into this little power block here so again make sure you pay attention to the colors of the wire red wire and positive side black wire in the maliness OR Dash or ground side and so we're going to do is we're going to push these little gray tabs down we want to push them down and then sew paying attention to my polarity red goes into positive black goes into minus and then we're going to slide those in now once you get them in there uh push them until it doesn't move and then release the gray tabs and just push on a little bit make sure they're up that way whenever you give it a tug it doesn't come out and that's how you would make the connection on this little brick here and again just to show you the Transformer you'll see on this side you'll see a positive side again that's where your red wire goes and on this side over here is your minus sign that's where your black wire would go for ground okay so the next thing we're going to show is doing the barrel connector and the connection for the barrel connector is this little black rectangle part and so what we want to do is we want to run the wire through the back part of the panel first so that way we can have that and we can close it properly okay and then we're going to connect the barrel connector sometimes it's easier if you've got big fingers you can slide that in there like that and then use a screwdriver to push it in just like that and the barrel connected is connected and then what we'll do is we'll close it make sure the barrel connector is pushed down like that because if it's up like this if it's up like that you won't be able to successfully close it and if you push too hard this could possibly Bend back and damage your connection so you want to make sure that the barrel connector is down like that and then we slide this in snap it in there then of course we would tighten this screw down to secure the back make sure it's in there okay when you remove your screwdriver screw will stay down which is good if it's not screwed in properly that spring will push it back up and then we're going to do is we're just going to show the the barrel connections here now generally from opening a couple of these this comes already attached to the Transformer so but we're going to demonstrate it here just in case it's not or if they come off in some sort of way so again as described in the video previously the red goes on the positive side the black goes on the minus side and you'll see that they both have the corresponding colors to indicate which side it should go on so we're just going to slide these little Spade connectors underneath the screws like so and you'll want to calmly hold them in and then use a screwdriver this is a flat tip but it's a Phillips tip screw but the flat tip small enough to fit in there now tighten it down get a little hand tight and a quarter of a turn get it hand tight quarter of a turn okay and so now we have a full connection of the panel wired wire again this wire is eight feet long has a good run if if you gotta need to drop it to a Transformer that's my recommendation at least six feet gives you two feet to play with and that's how you apply power to the qolsys iq4 system and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us an email to support alarmgrid.com or visit us at alarmgrid.com and if you find this video helpful please hit the like And subscribe button and don't forget to hit that Bell on the bottom screen there that way you can get future notifications of any videos that we do and again I am Griffin with alarm grid and I'm happy to help