Qolsys IQ Panel 4: Installing a Zigbee Card


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid shows you how to install the Zigbee daughter card in a Qolsys IQ Panel 4. The Zigbee card ...


hey DIY Dylan here with alarm grid uh today we're going to review how to install the zigby daughter card into your iq4 panel uh so basically what we're going to do during this video is of course install the panel so first I'm sorry install the card into the panel uh so first thing we'll have to do is actually power down the panel we're going to remove the back plate uh plug in the card put the uh back plate back on power back on and then test the card connection through the system test option in the panel now what the card is going to do once we have that installed it's going to allow us to connect certain zigby automation devices and even some zigby alarm sensors as well so it's a very useful card if you have those types of devices or if you're interested in getting those devices added to your panel okay so we have our IQ panel 4 here we have the zigby card still in the box so we'll remove this in just a moment but first we're going to power down the iq4 panel so to do that we're going to go into the top menu right here we're going to go into settings we're go to advance settings enter user code uh and here we can enter either the master or the installer code uh I'm going to use the installer code this time we have ours still at the default one one 11 one and we're going to see the power down option right there uh it's going to basically just ask us if we want to power down we're going to press okay we'll wait for the LEDs up here to turn off that's going to indicate it's fully powered down which we do have now uh and now just because we're going to be taking things uh well putting things onto the actual system board just as a safety precaution I'm also going to remove the power supply from our Outlet we're going to remove the secured mounting screw at the bottom of the panel you'll need a small Phillips head for this okay that should be a little bit more there we go all right so we have the screw removed we're going to place that aside we're going to flip the panel over and remove the back plate so since we had the screw already removed comes out pretty easily just have to pull up from the bottom lift out there and now we have access to the back of the panel uh so again just to make sure that we're absolutely getting no power to the system board we're also going to remove the backup battery uh you see the wire goes to the connector here so we're going to pull on that connector and we have the battery unplugged so now we know that there is no power getting to this at all so now let's open up the zigg be move that and then this also comes with a securing mounting screw as well so we're going to place that aside and when we flip the card over we have our connection prongs right here and that's going to go into that connection right there right there uh so so sometimes this wire this black wire right here uh that will be in the way of when of where we're connecting the card uh but we do not suggest removing that because there is a risk of damaging that wire so we'll just want to move that out of the way and then now we're going to install the card just make sure you line up that connector push that in Secure it drop the secur screw just make sure this is fully secured okay drop our screw in there get our small Phillips back okay nice and secured card is secured and pushed in okay so now we're going to reconnect the battery power okay that's nice and secured going to reattach the back plate and we're going to put the secured mounting screw back to the bottom as well okay that's nice and secure and then we're going to reapply the power uh and I didn't mentioned this before but it is best to remove the power supply opposed to removing the barrel connector from the back of the panel uh just to not risk any damage to that Barrel connector so let's plug this back in we get our green LEDs indicating that we do have power back to the panel get our blinking blue to indicate it's booting up just give this a little bit of time okay we have the equalis logo right boting process we're going to get our home screen here in just a moment all right so let's just do the installation [Music] wizard we're going to skip most of this because we already do have the panel set up so that's fine actually I'm just going to exit the wizard okay so we have our powered back on uh we have the zigg card installed and now we're going to test the card just to make sure it is functioning properly so to do that we're going to go back to the menu option we're going go to settings that's fine we haven't connected to Wi-Fi we're going to do advanced settings enter user code uh we're going to enter our master code I'm sorry our installer code and we still have the default 11 one one and then we will go to system tests daughter card test since we installed a new daughter card all right so we do not have the zigg option showing it should be showing right there uh so we're going to reinstall that card make sure it's secured power this back on and then come back to the screen here okay so we are back at this screen here uh I do notice right away that we have the zigby test option showing so that's a good indicator that this is now picking up the card we're going to go to DOA card test just to be safe okay we do have the zigby option showing now uh this is why it's always important to run this test just in case during that initial install there is any issues I believe for this one that the alignment wasn't properly done so we're going to run the test result passed okay perfect so we now have the zigg option for our iq4 panel uh so if I want to start adding certain zigg automation devices or certain zigby alarm sensors again we have a compatibility list on our website that shows a full list of those we do now have that option to add those to our panel okay so we have the car installed into the panel we ran our system test to make sure the card was functional and now we have the ability to add zigg automation devices and zigg sensors into the panel itself uh we do have a compatibility list on our website www. alarmgrid domcom so that's going to give you a list of the automation devices and the sensors that would be now compatible with our iq4 panel if you had any questions for us feel free to reach out uh we have a support uh phone line the phone number is 888 81877 28 we have a support email address the email address is support@alarmgrid.com and if you come to our website www. alarmgrid doccom we have a live chat option on there as well so feel free to reach out through any one of those three options my name is Dylan if you did like the video please like the video hit the Subscribe option and press the Bell icon for notifications and thank you for watching