Qolsys IQ Panel 4: Power Button


In this video, Dylan from Alarm Grid discusses the location of the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 power button and outlines when and how you ...


hey DIY Dylan here with alarm grid today we're going to review where is the power button for the IQ panel 4 uh so when you're facing the screen the power button is going to be located on the right hand side it's right here it's pretty small but we'll get a closeup of this in just a moment uh so you really only want to use this to power on the system instead of powering it off the reason being is that this is running on an Android 9 operating system uh so if you power down by holding the power button or by removing the power supply and unplugging the battery there is a risk of damaging the operating system so you would want to avoid that if possible uh so we're going to show how to power this off properly we're going to go over a few reasons of why you would power this off and then we'll power it back on by pressing holding down this power button for about 3 seconds okay so we have our IQ panel 4 here it's currently powered on uh we are going to go ahead and power this off properly by going through the options uh we will review a few reasons of why this would be powered off I can actually go over go over those right now uh so some reasons you'd want to power off the system uh would be if you're installing a daughter card into the system such as the zigg daughter card uh if you need to replace the battery in the system you'll want to power it down for that for sure or if you just want to reboot the panel uh for whatever reason you can power down through the menu option as well so let's go ahead and show that menu option here so you'll press the uh gray icon at the top we'll go into settings we're going to go into advanced settings and now for this you can really access this option with any of the codes so I'm just going to show you all three just to show you the differences uh so first is the installer code 1111 and then you'll see right here power down let's go back we're going to do the dealer code by default that is set to 2222 and then you'll see the power down option right there in the middle and then back again and then finally the master code this is the main arm and disarm code of uh the panel ours is still set to the default 1 two 3 4 then you'll see the power down option right there uh so since we already have this menu open we'll just power down so you simply press power down it's going to ask if you're sure okay we let that power off okay the LEDs are out so that is our indication that the system is fully powered down so as you see if I press the uh screen nothing happens because we have no power to the system so we're going to want to power this on uh so as I was shown you before the power button is located on the right hand side when you're facing the panel it's going to be this small button right here and then to power this back on I'm going to press and hold this button for about 3 seconds one two three we got our green LEDs back on the panel got the blue indicating the boot up we'll wait a little bit for the operating system to start booting up as well and that's going to get us our screen there we go ksus and then just quickly while while we wait for this to uh power back up so if you power this down to install anything into the panel be it either a daughter card uh or a new battery even with the panel powered down it's recommended to also remove the backup battery and the power supply uh and then that way you're not getting any electrical current to the panel so there's no risk of shock or no risk of shorting the panel out and then once you're ready to power back on you're going to want to plug in that power supply as well as that backup battery and then when both are plugged in that's when you're going to access that power button on the right hand side okay so we're back at at the normal screen here we have our green LEDs uh we have our arming option it's loading in all the sensors that we have and it's that simple to power this back on okay so that was uh where the power button is for the IQ panel 4 we showed how to power this down properly we reviewed those reasons on why you would power this down and then again we powered this back up by holding in the power button for about 3 seconds had the system boot back up properly if you did like the video please like the video subscribe to our Channel and hit the Bell icon to be notified about any future videos we release if you had any questions for us feel free to reach out uh we have a support uh phone number the phone number is Dylan and thank you for watching