Resetting an Interlogix Simon XT to Factory Defaults (Deprecated)

Resetting an Interlogix Simon XT to Factory Defaults

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Interlogix Simon XT
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hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid and today we're gonna be going over how to default a Simon XT system so a couple things defaulting a system the Simon XT is gonna do a couple of things it's gonna go ahead and first of all its gonna get rid of any user codes that are in the system right now so right now my user code my master code I have is set to five five five five yeah so that's four five so that's my master code on the system right now when I default it that code will be deleted any system settings that you have configured whether it's anything in the deep level program that you want to change for the monitoring station or anything like that that will also be deleted any zones door window seals smokes any possible security zone that you have learned into the sent to the system also gonna be lead II delete it it's gonna go back to normal back as it is if it as if it was brand-new just out of the box as far as programming goes right so just to show you guys real quick that the master code is currently set to five five I'm gonna go ahead an army if I hit disarm I'm gonna enter my five five five five because that's what I have it set to now the default one is one two three four if I tried one two three four it would not work so it doesn't work so when I defaults in my one two three four will work at my five five five five will no longer work real quick if you're looking at the video easiest way to disarm is while the system is powered down you hold down these four buttons one two three four as you power it back on that's going to default the system completely right away now to do that to power down the system the first thing we need to do is unplug the backup battery remove the transformer so to do that press these two tabs at the top down swings the panel wide open you'll see the backup battery right here I'm gonna go ahead and remove it completely so I'm gonna pull this tab away allowing his backup battery to slide right out I'm gonna remove the leads Peppa sorry and we can go ahead and place this off to the side for now yep we can go and leave that I'll get to this in a second here so the next we bump load the backup battery now we have to unplug the transformer so they're usually plugged into one of your wall outlets I have mine plugged behind here so I'm just gonna go ahead over here now you'll see it the blue lights on as soon as I power down the lights will turn off so the system is no longer powered on it doesn't react to any of my button presses whatsoever there's no power to the system now at this point if you have a cellular communicator right here this would be the point where you want to unplug it yeah so you're gonna remove the side of your communicator if you have one we need to remove it before we defaults it so while the system is powered down your backup battery unplugged transformer unplugged systems on our system is off remove the cellular communicator I'm gonna go ahead and place it back on them um on its back pleat all right I didn't plug the backup battery back in because like I said you don't need it for this process now you may need two people for this as holding down these four buttons with one hand can be a little difficult I'm gonna go ahead and attempt it in this video so again you want to make sure you hold down these buttons before you power it back on so I'm gonna hold down one two three four one moment there we go one two three four power it on the panel beeps it is fully powered on now and now if I armed it first of all remember there's nothing learned there's no zones into the system because he's just defaulted it so if I go to it's gonna allow me to arm cuz I don't have anything but now if I try to use the code that I had before which was five five five five it will not work watch everything's defaulted so I need to use the default master code which is one two three four the panel is defaulted it's back to its normal codes there's no zones learn into it and you have a brand fresh Simon XT panel at this point in time if you do have a cellular communicator since the panel is defaulted now all you need to do is power down the system so just unplug the transformer again open that up plug up and plug in the senator communicator you can also go ahead and plug in the backup battery as well now and just close the system back up and you have a default to the Simon XT system if you guys have any other questions you can always email us at support at alarm make sure that you hit like if you found this video helpful subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you do get notified again my name is Jorge I'll see you guys next time bye