Resetting an Interlogix Simon XTI & XTI-5 to Factory Defaults

In this video, Jorge explains how to reset an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 System to its factory default settings.

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In this video, Jorge explains how to reset an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 System to its factory default settings. By doing this, any user code that is programmed will be deleted. The Master, Installer and Dealer Codes will be restored to their factory default settings. All sensors will be deleted.

Both the Simon XTi and XTi-5 Systems have a special reset button for performing a factory reset. This button is found underneath the outer trim of these panels. To perform a reset, a user must press and hold this button while the system is being powered on. If the system is currently powered on, a user will need to disconnect the backup battery and unplug the transformer to power the system off. They should then hold down the button as they plug in the transformer to power the system back on.

A user might need to factory reset their Simon XTi or XTi-5 Panel because they do not have the Installer Code for the system. Resetting the system will restore the Installer Code to its factory default setting of 4321. Additionally, the Master Code will also be restored to its default of 1234. After a reset has been performed, all other user codes will be deleted.

A user should keep in mind that any zones programmed with the system will be wiped after a default has been performed. This means that all of the zones will need to be reprogrammed. This can be useful if a user is taking over the panel from someone else and they are starting from scratch with completely new sensors. But if a user already has sensors programmed, they should only try factory resetting the panel as a last resort. It is recommended that a user try the default Installer Code of 4321 before resetting.

Finally, any system settings that were programmed will be restored to default. This means that a user will need to reprogram their panel from scratch after performing a default This includes adjusting any communication settings.


hey di wires I'm George with alarmgrid and today we're going to be going over how to factory default assignment xti and assignment xt i-5 mainly we're gonna be doing the xti as we do not have the XT i-5 but it's is the same process yes so before we get into actually defaulting I do want to let you guys know what what this will what it'll actually have what will actually happen once you factory default the system basically you are deleting it wiping it clean starting with a fresh slate right so if you factory default is any codes that you have learned in will be deleted and these zones you got learning will be deleted any deep level programming or any special configurations you had set in programming will also be deleted now on this system I actually have a motion learned in I have a couple of user codes which I'm gonna show you so just real fast I'm gonna go into programming by hitting the gear icon go all the way down go into programming I'm gonna enter in my default dealer code which is 4 3 2 1 obviously yours could be change depending if your monitoring company has changed it and if I go to access codes you're gonna see I have a lot of codes in there after we factory default it that will be back to normal I'm gonna go and close out of that if I go to my sensors you're gonna see let's just say let's say if I hit edit sensor you'll see I have actually have it set to group 17 which is an interior follower motion use it that's what it's used for and I have a label at my front door so I'm gonna go ahead and close out of that and after factory default seeing it you're gonna see that those settings the user codes of the zones are no longer in there so to start off the factory default you need to take off this trim so I'm just gonna pull this right off now this button here on the bottom left hand side this is the reset button this is the button we're gonna hold down after powering down the system to default the system right so I just want you to be aware where that button is it's right here so now we have the trim open we need to now swing open the cover so that's gonna be by on pulling up these two levers and then you can just pull the front cover away first thing you need to do is unplug the backup battery you're gonna see a little black spot or a little black lever here you're gonna hold that down pull it away the backup battery has been unplugged another thing to keep in mind is if you guys have a set of your communicator that will need to be unplugged once the system is completely powered down so you see it is still on even though I unplug the backup battery but that's because the transformer is plugged in so now we need to unplug that so I'm gonna go ahead and unplug that now now the system is completely off now that the system is completely off you can now if you have a cellular communicator in this slot unplug it leave it off to the side for now until we have factory defaulted it after we have factory default today is when you could put the son of your communicator back in now to save you guys frustration coz I actually went through this while troubleshooting it you do need to make sure that you leave the cover off while factory default in the system if you have the cover latched into place here the tamper is actually satisfied and it will not default the panel for you so you do need to make sure the pan the cover is off of the back plate that's the little that's the that's the part of the back plate that pushes in the tamper so you need to make sure that it is completely off all right you can leave it swinging there if you want if you want to make it easier now remember the reset is here on the left-hand side so we're gonna need to hold this down wow you plug in the transformer so what I'm gonna do now I'm just going to hold it in my hand I'm gonna push down on the reset button as I power it back on now you don't need to hold it down for a specific amount of time but you do want to hold it down before you plug in the transformer once you power it in I'm gonna release it so I'm gonna go ahead and powered on while I'm holding down the button I'm gonna release it and you're gonna hear beep I'll go ahead and place it back on the back plate and I'll put the trim back on if you want if you guys want to confirm that the sensors and zones have been deleted you just have to go into programming so again I'm gonna hit the gear icon go down arrow key go to programming I'm gonna enter in my default dealer code 4 3 2 1 hit OK now if I go to access codes it should be all set back to normal there are no more user code one user code to my master code I had set to five five five five before it's no longer there now it's defaulted I 1 2 3 4 and my installer code is now set to 4 3 2 1 instead of 4 1 1 2 I'm gonna go ahead and hit close if I want to check my sensors make sure that was deleted if you hit edit sensor there are no there are no sensors to be edited that means you delete all your sensors as well now at this point in time if you want you can go ahead and plug in the backup battery if you have a cellular communicator you want to make sure you power down the system then plug it in and power it back up but uh there you go you have it that is the easiest way to default assignment xti or xti 5 keep in mind doing so will wipe everything out so you're starting fresh you'll need to reconfigure all of your zones if you guys have any questions whatsoever you can email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath make sure that you subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to click that little Bell notification icon that way you get notified any time we upload new content which is pretty much daily alright other than that you guys have a great day my name is Jorge I'll see you guys next time