Self Monitoring a Simon XT

Dylan talks about using the Interlogix Simon XT with Self Monitoring through

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Haidee I was dealing here with alarmgrid today we're going over can i self-monitor a Simon XT panel short answer is yes you can self monitor a Simon XT panel there is a little thing that you will need however what you're gonna need is a cell communicator for the actual panel itself right off the bat it does not come with a cell communicator it's just a panel by itself unless of course you've bought some type of kit that has a communicator included however you'll still have to actually install it in the panel itself the panel is set for phone line monitoring does have that option with that one I mean you can't really do self monitoring this phone line because it doesn't have the access to do remote applications it's basically just gonna send signal to a central station what remote what self monitoring is is basically using an application a website and like that to remotely monitor your system yourself so if alarm goes off if anything happens you'll be notified the email text message push notifications that's when you be alerting you won't be learning the authorities won't be learning a Central Station no one's gonna call the authorities besides you if you are self monitoring so with phone line obviously you know just knowing a little bit about technology can't really have phone line go and hit an application on your phone on your wireless cell phone it doesn't really have that capability can't send that amount of data in phone line is kind of getting a little bit antiquated anyway so you'll need a cell monitor a cell module inside the panel the actual model number for the cell module is 600 - 1048 - XT - Z X and then there's also another - after that it's either a t4 18 t TM for t-mobile or VZ for Verizon so that's gonna be depending on you know what has better service in your area t-mobile Verizon AT&T basically that's gonna determine which version of that module you're gonna get so you know you have the best service when you have this set up you have that consistent cell signal so if anything goes on that's sending out alerts either to you if you're doing self monitoring or sensation if you have this out with the sanitation as well so self monitoring this goes through what's called alarm calm that is a online an online system but pretty much alarm system so basically will register the panel to alarm calm we register the panel we can actually do remote programming as well we can access some features of the panel remotely will set you guys up with the alarm calm application you know we as alarm companies really any alarm company that has this access can do this but basically once you set up with the alarm calm application if this thing goes off if it sets off any alerts or anything like that we're gonna be notified on your cell phone on your tablet there's also website alarm calm anything like that's actually notify you of what's going on so if I have sensor to which is like a back door and that's triggering I'll get a notification on my phone sensor to is an alert system is alarm and I'll have the actual ability to remotely arm and disarm the system from my phone as well so they knows that not a natural emergency pulled my phone disarmed it and then go from there self monitoring does usually imply that there is some type of monitoring service that is associated with it so some companies do know contract monitoring such as us other companies do contract monitoring essentially the idea is that either way you're gonna have to sign up for some type of monitoring plan with your company in order to get self monitoring reason being is that you're giving you're getting access to a secured server the servers basically companies will work with alarm calm to become dealers get access to that and then they can sign up customers to that application so that's why there is a fee that's involved with self monitoring it's just because it's secure you can do really whenever wherever as long as you have either internet access on your phone or a decent cell signal yeah I mean that is essentially it with self monitoring as mentioned you know there are other monitoring options as well we can do monitoring with the center station as well so if they get an alarm you'll get a call on that that's a topic for another day for this one though just to kind of review so right off the bat this does not have the option to do self monitoring has the option should do phone line monitoring but that's only for Central Station if you want to do self monitoring with this you're gonna need to get a 600 - 1048 - XT - Z X - either a t4 18 t TM for t-mobile or VZ for a verizon those are your cell communicators that are gonna go inside the panel itself you're gonna pick obviously which one depending on the service in your area once that's installed and you have this registered with an alarm company they can set you up with self monitoring they'll get you the alarm calm application so if this ever goes off sets off any arms or anything you guys are getting the alerts - your phone tablet or computer if you're using the website alright so that is self monitoring with the Simon XT I hope you did enjoy the video we do have more information about the Simon XT and monitoring on our website wwhen about monitoring about self monitoring versus Central Station email us support at alarm grid comm can also give us a call as well our phone number is eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please like and subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified and release more content out to you guys my name is Dylan from alarm grid thank you for watching