Skybell Video Clip Availability

Skybell Video Clip Availability

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Skybell Video Clip Availability


Hey, DIYers. I'm George from AlarmGrid. Today I'm going to be discussing how SkyBell storage limits work on both Total Connect 2.0, and They're both very different. And I want to make sure I touch base on both of them, that way our customers out there, or even those of who are out there, who have Total connect 2.0 and, can understand how the video storage works for the SkyBell. Now, if you have Total Connect 2.0, first thing you need to know is only one SkyBell can be added per account. And the SkyBell, the storage that it uses, is actually from SkyBell's servers. So that means you have the general seven day storage limit for SkyBell. And then after seven days, when it's starting to make room for new videos, the old videos get deleted. And if you want to save a video, all you have to do is go to either SkyBell's App or Total Connect's App. You can do it through either or you just go to the video clip that you want and you hit download. You can download it to your phone if you want to save it indefinitely. If it's a video clip, you definitely need. Now if you're using, this is where things might get a little more complicated. All right. So you can add a SkyBell to an account and not use the video plan for and then there is also, you can add a SkyBell, and you can use the video storage plans that they have to offer. Now I'm going to explain both of them. The first one is, if you use a SkyBell without a true video plan, the SkyBell is going to be limited to only 400 clips for that month. What that means is, once you hit 400 clips, it will no longer record any new clips. Even if you delete old clips to make room for the new ones, since it's hit that 400 limit, the SkyBell stops recording any new clips and saving them to the account. So you only get limited to 400. And if you're staying on that video with no true video plan, there is no way to increase it. Now if you guys want to add more clips storage to your account, there is a way to do that. You just have to sign up for an video plan, which we also offer. And that's what you see on our platinum level plans. If you guys sign up for one of the platinum level plans, you guys are signing up for a true video plan for If you guys do that, you guys are actually going to increase that clip limit to either 1,000 or 6,000. We normally use our 6,000 pro video plan on every platinum plan that we use. If you guys are signing up for a true video plan, you guys will pretty much get the maximum amount of clips. And then again, it works the same way. You're limited to 6,000 video clips. Again, a lot of you might not need 6,000. Some of you might be fine with a 400 and just going with the plans that include the SkyBell, not the true video plans. But again, if you guys need more clips, for instance, if you guys are adding more cameras, so you guys don't just have the SkyBell, you guys have two indoor, two outdoor cameras. You know, you guys might need the 5,000 clips because these cameras are always recording whenever motion is detected. So if that is the case, you can always increase the storage clip to 5,000 6,000 video clips depending on what plan you sign up for, or want you request from us. Every company is different. So if you are being monitored elsewhere, you want to make sure you're also asking them what charges they have, any rates that they're doing. Some places increase your monitoring rates if you do do that. So it's just something to keep in mind, when you're looking at adding more cameras or more video clips for your SkyBell and any other cameras you may have. Now the SkyBell videos, just so you know, you can actually save them indefinitely. You can actually, I think it's you can lock them in to the application. There should be an option where you can lock it to the app, and that way when it's starting to delete old videos to make room for the new ones, the ones that are locked and that are saved into the app will not be deleted, as you can save those indefinitely. You can also just download them straight from the App as well. So it's just something to keep in mind there. If you guys have any questions at all on how the SkyBell bell works with storage limits, whether you're doing Total connect or an system, or even if you're in the market for a new system you're trying to decide what system to buy, feel free to email us at If you find the video helpful, make sure you hit like on the underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channels, and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you are going to get notified. I'm George, and I'll see you guys next time.