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Skybell dbcam trim slim hd video doorbell
  • Skybell dbcam trim slim hd video doorbell
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The SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM is a 1080P WIFI video doorbell designed for narrow installations. Honeywell's AlarmNet division announced the DBCA...
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The SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM is a 1080P WIFI video doorbell designed for narrow installations. Honeywell's AlarmNet division announced the DBCAM (rebranded round SkyBell HD) integration as the first video doorbell to integrate with their interactive alarm service Total Connect 2.0. That was the original round model and it caused a ton of buzz in the security industry. The DBCAM's unique ability to offer customers reliable two-way voice and 1080P HD video technology with anyone at their front door spread quickly. After the release enough customers complained about the width of the video doorbell not quite fitting their narrow existing space. Thus we have the DBCAM-TRIM!

Both the DBCAM (2.8 inches wide) and the DBCAM-TRIM (1.44 inches wide) are equipped with a full color night vision camera with a 180 degrees PIR motion detector (up to 10 feet) . The wide angle motion is matched with a 180 degree CMOS image sensor that operates at 15 frames per second (fps). The doorbell can be mounted with the DBCAM-WMK wedge kit to properly angle the camera based on the specific environment. The omni-directional microphone and integrated speaker (105 dB SPL at 1 cm) allow homeowners to quickly fire open the app when motion is detected and start a conversation from anywhere in the world. The best added value of these video doorbells is the ability to store video clips on the cloud with TC2.

The TRIM can work with an existing low voltage mechanical doorbell system or retrofit a 12VDC or 24VAC power supply. After installation it must be paired to a local 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz WIFI network. This is how all video is transmitted to Total Connect 2.0 and the native SkyBell app. Since the DBCAMs are designed for outdoor installation they can handle temperatures ranging from -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C) and are IP54-Rated for dust and water resistance.


Hi Phillip, Thank you for contacting us! In order for you to see that option in Total Connect 2.0 it needs to be enabled in your services. Are you currently monitored with us? If so email us at or call us at 888-818-7728 so we can assist you with that. If you are not monitored with us please contact your monitoring company to assist you with that. If you didn't know, we offer monitoring plans as well here at
Hello, I just set up the honeywell skybell via the skybell app, howerver when i try to sync it with my lyric panel nothing happens. I also do not see the doorbell menu on my TC 2.0 app.
Yes, you can have multiple SkyBell devices on the same account. You can have multiple SkyBells on the same house, on the same WiFi network and in the same account.
Can I have more than one skybell on my lyric system?
Awesome. Thanks
Then yes it is the same as on their website. It is also free to add to to your Lyric
Just have a Lyric Panel but want to make sure I can use this with SkyBell app and get all the features like quiet time etc. Not sure I will even add to panel at this point.
Yes but this one is specifically for Total Connect. If you have an panel that you would like to integrate with it then you need this version:
Is this the same as the SkyBell Trim Plus on the Skybell website?
Nope, you can use the Skybell with any of our plans that support Total Connect 2.0.
Do i need a Platinum level account to use this with total connect?
This is still a new integration and at this time it is somewhat limited. There is no ability to use SkyBell as triggers for automated rules. You can always setup a Smartthings hub as a secondary controller in tandem with your security system to get the most use out of your skybell.
So aside from being able to view live, download video, 2-way voice through TC 2.0, can it actually be used for automation or rules? It seems to be quite capable with other platforms like SmartThings, but the integration with TC2.0 seems very limited.
The Skybell HD can connect to a Total Connect 2.0 account. It cannot connect directly to the LYNX 7000.
Can this be used with a Lynx 7000? Either as a sensor when triggered or as a camera and viewed on the panel?
Hey Joe...Yes, I do have it connected to my TC2.0 account. I was just curious about viewing the live feed from the skybell on the Tuxedo like my other cameras ...oh well, thanks for your reply.
It is not possible to view the Skybell HD at the Tuxedo Touch but you could integrate it through a Total Connect 2.0 account so that you could use one app to control your system and view your front door. Do you have Total Connect 2.0 service now?
I recently installed one of these and I think it's an awesome device. I have the TC2 service and got it connected very easily. Now, there's only one issue I'm having with this...There are 2 Tuxedo Touch Wifi keypads and 6 Honeywell ipcams included in my security setup, one camera being the outdoor version (can't remember model off hand) on my front porch that I would love for the Skybell Trim to replace but I can't get the Tuxedo connected to it. Is it possible to view video from the Skybell on the Tuxedo Touch Wifi?
We love the new design too! The latest Lyric firmware has a button for Skybell but at this time, it doesn't do anything. A future firmware update will unlock the ability to tie in a Skybell to your Lyric so keep an eye on our blog for mention of that functionality being released. Also, are you still interested in switching to us for your alarm monitoring service?
I love the redesign. It will finally fit my narrow door frame without issue. Just one question - we know that it is compatible with TC2, but how do you add (or access) the Skybell to/from a Lyric Control Panel?
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