The Internal Alarm Siren on The Lyric Alarm System

The Internal Alarm Siren on The Lyric Alarm System

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In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid talks about the internal siren used with the Honeywell Lyric Security System. The Lyric has an internal sounder rated at 85 dB. This activates during intrusion and life-safety alarms. You can also add an extra siren if you need further emergency sound coverage.

The Lyric uses its internal sounder to alert building occupants to emergencies. It is designed to let people inside the building know that there is a serious situation and that they need to evacuate the premises immediately. The siren produces sounds of up to 85 dB. This is loud enough to alert everyone in a smaller home or business. However, larger buildings and establishments may require something louder.

The good thing about the Lyric Siren is that it works along with the rest of the system, and no special programming is needed. It is good for alerting individuals if you have the system set up and want to make sure that everyone is alerted to emergencies. But users in larger buildings might want something louder to ensure that everyone is alerted to a break-in or a life-safety event. Fortunately, there are louder sirens available in these situations. An easy option is to add a Z-Wave siren, such as the Qolsys IQ Siren. You will need to set up special scenes for the siren to function properly, but it is still a relatively easy way to increase the volume of your security system.

You might also consider adding a hardwired siren, but this is usually only needed for users requiring the loudest of sirens. Often, users in industrial or commercial enviroments will add hardwired sirens to get their systems loud enough for everyone to hear about an emergency. The Honeywell Lyric Security System can easily support a siren by using a compatible Z-Wave relay such as a FortrezZ MIMOlite device.


Hey, DIY-ers. Jarrett with AlarmGrid here. Today, we're going to talk about if there's an internal siren with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. Yes, the Lyric system does come with a built-in internal siren. It is set for about 85 decibels. Now, that is a pretty loud siren. You want to compare it to the sound of what is standard kitchen sink garbage disposal would sound like. Basically, the loudness of what that would be, which is fairly pretty loud. Now, if you wanted to have a different siren or even add on another siren to be able to amplify the sound or even have the siren go off in another area of the home, then you can use what's called the Honeywell SiXSIREN. Now, this is a specific wireless siren that is made for the Lyric alarm systems. It does use the SiX Series encrypted technology to communicate with the system. Now, this siren is an internal-only siren. So you want to keep that in mind. It is not really for outdoor use, so please don't stick it outdoors. Now, this siren is also 85 decibels as well. It's not exactly going to amplify the sound but it will allow you to be able to have the siren in another area of the home. Maybe your home is a little bit too large or you have another room that you can't exactly hear the Lyric going off in. So the Honeywell SiXSIREN is a great option for that if you wanted to set that up. Now, if you wanted something a little bit louder than that, then there is a second option. It is a wireless siren as well but this is actually a Z-Wave siren. It's not going to use the RF communication or even the encrypted technology to communicate with the system. This is called the Qolsys IQ Siren. This is, again, a Z-Wave siren that you can use with the panel and this is rated for 105 decibels, which is even louder. It is going to be very loud and it does have a built-in strobe as well. So if the alarm is going off, you can have that siren going off but also have the strobe indicating there is an alarm event. Now, when you are setting up the Qolsys IQ Siren, the way you would want to set it up is just roll it into the panel as like a normal Z-Wave device, but you're going to set up an automation scene so that if the alarm goes off, you'll have that scene trigger and then turn on that siren and also the strobe. Just one other thing I'd like to add about the siren that is built into the Lyric, also the other sirens available as well. These will go off or these will trigger during any alarm event, whether it be a burglary alarm, a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detection alarm, even if you were to set off panics on the system itself. So if you were to just tap on that and trigger a panic, depending on how you have this setup, then you can have that siren go off as well. Unless you have it set as a silent panic. So if it was set in the silent panic and you go ahead and trigger that, the siren is not going to go off, as assumed. So I just want to keep that in mind, there's one thing I wanted to add on. That it keep going for the other equipment like, let's say, you didn't want to use that Qolsys IQ Siren. You don't want to use that wireless siren and you wanted to use a hardwired siren. You can. You can use one with the Lyric system but you are going to need a specific device which is called the FortrezZ MIMOlite. This is a Z-Wave really module that you would use to hardwire the siren to and this device would wirelessly communicate with the Lyric as the Z-Wave device as well, kind of like the Qolsys IQ Siren. But instead, you can use hardwired options. Now, we do have different sirens available on our website. We have sirens up to 110 decibels. We even have some up to 120 decibels, which is really, really loud. So if you want to take a look at that, we do have a link for the FAQ on the memo light below an we do have a link to the MIMOlite and how to set it up in the FAQ for this video. If you wanted to take a look at that, it shows you everything on how to set that up and gives you the details on how to be able to use it and everything. So please go take a look at that. So there's some different options you can use for the different other sirens for the Honeywell Lyric System. But again, the Lyric does come with its own built-in internal siren. Now, there are some settings within the panel itself that you can do or that you could change for the internal siren. Some settings within the installer programming, you can change some of the sounder options. You can turn off the siren if you wanted to. You could do-- you can set up different times for how long you want the siren to be triggered for. So if you wanted to go ahead and change those settings, you're just going to go to the Lyric with all these steps. So on the panel itself, at the main screen, you normally going to see Security. So just tap on that. And then you're going to go into Tools. And now, we're going to type in the installer code. The default installer code is 4112. And you're going to go to Program, you're going to go to Sounder, and now you're going to see all the options to be able to change the settings for the siren. So you have the burglary alarm sound, you can either turn that off or you can keep that on if you wanted to. You have the burglary build time out. You can have it set of four minutes, eight minutes, 12 minutes, 16, or just have no bell time out and have the siren just going off until you disarm the system. You have the firebell time out, giving you the same exact thing. If there's a fire alarm, you can have the siren go off for a certain amount of time or just keep going off until you disarm the system. And then you have armed confirm, which is basically, if you're using, normally, if you're using a key fob and you want to have an audible sound to let you know that you have successfully armed the Lyric system. You can change it if you want to using an L-key P500 keypad or just no devices at all and just have it not give you that arm confirmation. Or you can use it for basically everything, to give you the confirmation or you just put it back to key fob. In this instance, we're just going to keep it to key fob. And that is it to be able to change those settings for the sounder. And that is it for everything in regards to the internal siren for the Honeywell Lyric System. If you have any questions about the Honeywell Lyric System or alarm systems in general, please contact us at, or head over to our website, If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. If you want notifications to future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with AlarmGrid, have yourself a great day.