The Qolsys IQ Panel 4: Instant Arming


In this video, John from Alarm Grid shows the user how to arm in Instant Mode from the Qolsys IQ Panel 4. Arming in Instant Mode ...


hi diy-ers this is John with alarm grid today I'm going to show you how to do instant arming on a qolsys iq4 panel now let me show you how you'd put this panel into an instant arm within how it'll behave first of all you need an entry exit Zone so here's the simplest one you can have a reed switch and a magnet see it opens and closes Okay so touch the uh button here you touch this Edge over here there we go entry delay is off now press arm stay right from here don't go backwards now we're armed up in instant mode gonna open our door is open goes right into alarm without any entry exit countdown now something that I would like to explain here and clear up is most people misunderstand what instant arm means many people think that that means you hit the button and the panel arms instantly that's not what it means in the alarm system industry it's a very specific word for a specific alarm function what it means is that normally if you open up if you have a system armed up and you go to you come in and go through an entry exit Point you'll start to get say 30 or 60 seconds of beeping before the alarm goes off to give you a chance to disarm it that's fine but suppose you're home alone at night you're the only person there or you're not but you're not expecting anyone to be coming through the entry exit point you wanna probably arm it up in instant now what that means is if it's armed in instant mode when someone comes through and an entry exit point there will be no delay it'll go right into alarm meaning nobody has any business coming into the house from any point uh the whole house is I remember everything's a perimeter so that's how you get a qolsys iq4 panel into instant arm mode questions you can email us at support our website is if you found this video helpful like subscribe hit the Bell icon for notifications this is John with alarm grid have a great day