Use Alexa to Arm&Disarm a Honeywell System

Use Alexa to Arm&Disarm a Honeywell System

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In this video, Joe shows users how they can use Amazon Alexa to control their Honeywell Security System. By enabling the Total Connect 2.0 Skill and linking their TC2 account, a user can use spoken voice commands to arm their Honeywell Alarm System, check its current status and control smart scenes.

Amazon Alexa is compatible with a Honeywell Alarm Panel through the use of the Total Connect 2.0 Platform. Within the Alexa App on an Android or iOS device, a user can enable the Total Connect 2.0 Skill. This skill is what allows an Amazon Alexa device to work with a Honeywell Security System. The user will need to provide their Total Connect 2.0 login information in order to link their account. This includes their login and password for TC2. By linking their Total Connect 2.0 account, the pathway between the Alexa device and the Honeywell System can be completed. Whenever the user sends a command through the Amazon Alexa device, it will pass through Total Connect 2.0 before being forwarded to the actual alarm system.

There are several functions that can be conducted through Amazon Alexa devices that are sent across TC2. The most notable commands are for arming, checking the current system status and controlling any scenes. By using Alexa, a user can set their system to arm away or arm stay without having to access the panel or provide any system codes. Also, being able to run smart scenes through spoken voice commands is extremely convenient for controlling smart home devices. However, it is important to note that user cannot disarm their system using Amazon Alexa. Being able to disarm through voice commands without providing a passcode would represent a major security risk. For that reason, Honeywell decided to make that feature unavailable.


Hi, DIYers. Joe here, from Alarm Grid, and today, we're going to talk about how to arm your Honeywell security system through Alexa. Now, if you have a Honeywell system that is activated for monitoring and you have a Total Connect 2.0 app, you will be able to interface that with your Alexa device. It has some cool integrations. You'll be able to arm the system. You can interact with some automation devices and do some other basic things. You won't be able to disarm the system with Alexa because that would be a security loop and something that somebody could exploit. So when you go to integrate the skill in, the skill page is actually going to show you the different actions that you can use with the integration. I highly recommend checking it out. So you know what is possible with it. We're actually going to associate it with our Lyric right now. The Lyric is activated on Alarm Net and it does have Total Connect 2.0 associated with it, and you will need that Total Connect 2.0 log-in to use this integration. We also have our Alexa setup right on top of it. So the system is good to go. I'm go to head over to our iPad, and we're going to learn it in. Cool. So on our iPad, let's pull up our Alexa app. Then I click the hamburger button, and then I'm going to click Skills and Games. From here, we're going to have to search for Total Connect 2.0. So I'm going to click this Search bar on the top and type in Total Connect. It should pull up. As you can see, it's right there on the dropdown. So let's click that. Then I'm going to click the app right here. Here's the skill page. And as you can see right in the top, it says "enable and account linking is required." so let's click the Enable button. This is going to connect it to Honeywell, and it's going to prompt us to enter our log-in for Total Connect 2.0. So I'm going to go ahead and enter our credentials. Click Log-in, and it's going to prompt us to allow or to acknowledge that we're allowing this integration to occur. I'm going to say Allow because that's what we want. And then we do have some automation devices connected to our Lyric which is going to display right here. So we do want to connect those too. After that, it's confirming that it was successfully linked, and if I click the back arrow, just to show you what I was talking about before, if I scroll down on the Skills page and-- oops, and I clicked an Instagram pop-up. If I scroll down on the skills page, you'll see that the available actions that you can use with the integration are displayed right there. So now that we know we're all set up, I'm going to back out. And then back at our system, we should be able to interact with the Lyric system with the Alexa. So let's give it a shot. Alexa, ask Honeywell what the status of my security system is. She ignored me on that one. Alexa, ask Honeywell what the status of my security system is. Your security system is currently set to disarm ready. Which is correct. Let me try to arm it with Alexa. Alexa, tell Honeywell to arm my security system. You can arm the security system to stay or arm it to away, which would you like? Stay. As you can see, the integration is set up and working. If you do have an Alexa at home with a Honeywell system with Total Connect 2.0. I highly recommend checking out the integration as it's built right into Alexa, and it works pretty great for what it is. If you do have any questions about this integration, Alexa, or the Lyric system itself, feel free to give us a call 888-818-7728. That number, again, is 888-818-7228. Head over to our website, or send us an email to If you did enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be posted-- or updated when we post future videos, hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching and have a great day.