Total Connect 2.0: Using More than One Skybell

Using More Than One SkyBell With Total Connect 2.0

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In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid explains how you can use up to five (5) SkyBell Video Doorbell devices with a single Total Connect 2.0 account. Any user who needs support for more than five SkyBell devices can add a second video monitoring account for an additional fee. Each additional Total Connect 2.0 account will provide support for five additional SkyBell devices.

A SkyBell Video Doorbell is normally installed in-place of a traditional doorbell. The existing wires will provide power for the SkyBell device. The SkyBell communicate with the SkyBell servers to send recorded clips. Total Connect 2.0 then communicates with the SkyBell servers so that the user can access the clips from Total Connect 2.0. This allows the user to conveniently access one single app for their security functions.

It is important to remember that clips are stored on the SkyBell servers, not the Total Connect 2.0 servers. Any clip on the SkyBell servers will be deleted after seven (7) days. Once a clip has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. A user must make sure to save any clip for permanent use before it is deleted. Saving a clip involves storing it on a hard drive for permanent use.

Up to five (5) SkyBell devices can be synced with a single Total Connect 2.0 account. If a user wants to use additional SkyBell devices with Total Connect 2.0, then it is necessary to create a secondary account. This secondary account can be linked with the user's primary account so that they can access both accounts from a single login. Each additional account will provide support for five (5) more SkyBell Video Doorbell devices. Most users will not exceed the allowed five devices, but if they do, then a second account can really come in handy in creating their desired setup.


Hey, DIYers, it's Jarrett here from Alarm Grid. Today we're going to be going over when you can use more than one SkyBell doorbell camera with a Total Connect 2.0 account. The answer is, yes, you can. As of right now, you can go ahead and use five different SkyBell doorbell cameras with a single Total Connect 2.0 account. We've been waiting for this to happen for a little while now, but super glad that it finally is able to be done and very happy to help you guys be able to get that done as well. Now, when you are choosing a SkyBell camera, I mean, just want to keep in mind, though, there are two different models you can choose from. So depending on which ones-- I mean, if you're planning on setting up more than one with an accounts, I would say you might as well stick to the same model, same look, make sure it looks nice and clean. There are two different models. There is a round model. Well, there's a round model. And then there is a trim model, which is pretty slimline, and it looks very nice. But the round model is able to support 1080p for the video quality, and then the trim model is able to support 720p. So you want to keep that in mind when you're choosing those cameras. So it doesn't matter which one you choose, whichever model you choose. They're both going to work the same way. Doesn't matter if you have the round or the trim version. If this device picks up any motion or if somebody were to press the button to go ahead and ring the doorbell, the device is going to start recording video clips. And it is going to go ahead and send a notification over to Total Connect 2.0. So you can see who's at the front door. You can pull up a video feed, do what you need to whenever that happens. Now, one thing you want keep in mind, though, is when it starts recording video clips, those video clips are not going to be stored on the AlarmNet 360 servers. They're actually going to be stored onto the SkyBell servers. And there is a certain limit to how long the video clips can be stored. It is up to about seven days, but I want to keep that in mind. They are going to be stored on the SkyBell servers. Now, there is a direct integration between AlarmNet 360 and SkyBell, but they're not going to be stored onto the AlarmNet 360 servers. Now, the video clips, though, you can view them on Total Connect 2.0. You can even download them directly from Total Connect 2.0 if you need to, so you can have those video clips on hand. Once the seven days is over and that video is deleted, it's completely gone from there. So if you wanted to set up any SkyBell doorbell cameras with your Total Connect 2.0 accounts, you can, especially if you use one of our monitoring plans that supports or includes Total Connect 2.0. The SkyBell cameras are already included, or the SkyBell feature's already included with those plans that we have that support Total Connect. So you can already go ahead and set up those five different SkyBell cameras to the accounts. But if you do want to add more than five SkyBell doorbell cameras, if you need more than that, then you will need to go ahead and add an additional plan to enable or to be able to support those extra five. It would be an additional cost on top of the monitoring service, but at least you'd be able to set up more than five if you needed to. You could set up about 10 with a second account. We can go ahead and link the Total Connect 2.0 accounts, so that you can have both locations under one Total connect 2.0 login, so that you can view all of those cameras. Now, with us, we can go ahead and help you out with that. Other companies, it just depends on what they provide and how they work and everything, but you can normally just go ahead and request for that and should be able to go ahead and set that up with your account if needed. And that answers the question where you can use more than one SkyBell camera with your Total Connect 2.0 account. If you have any further questions about the SkyBell cameras, alarm systems in general, or even our monitoring services just get everything set up, please send us an email to, or go to our website, If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. If you want notifications on future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid. Have yourself a great day.