Using the SiX Programming Feature on a Honeywell Lyric

Using the SiX Programming Feature on a Honeywell Lyric

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adi wires i'm george from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to use the six programming feature on the lyric alarm system controller alright so to start off just want to touch a little bit on what the six programming is and how to use it so the six programming is the easiest one of the easiest ways that you're going to be learning in six series devices today i'm gonna be working with a six combo which is a smoke heat and seal detector and i'm also gonna be working with a 6ct now again this works with any six devices that you have whether it's six keypads six PIR six mini six class break any six series Honeywell sensor will work with the six programming feature that we have now generally this feature will work easily as long as the sensors have not been learned into a panel so sometimes if your sensor when you go to turn it on and you see that the green light is fast blinking which I'll show you guys when I go to install it or program it in if you see that the the green flash is a steady green light and it's not fast blinking that means it's been paired previously so you're gonna have to default it the easiest way to default a sensor is to hold the tamper and install the battery and then you should see the green light start blinking fast again and again I'm gonna show you all of this when we actually get to the programming and so the first thing we do need to do is put the panel into programming mode I'm gonna show you guys how to do that right now so let's say you're on the hole on the primary screen which is the screen here shows you the daytime temperature if you have the location and it has all these different options you want to make sure that you hit security after you hit security you need to go into tools it's gonna ask you for a code to enter in now you need to enter in the installer code in order to get to this feature so mine is actually defaulted at for one one two yours may have been changed if your monitoring company or yourselves have changed it so I go to tools I enter in my installer code for one one two and you want to make sure you get to this programming test events update firmware and new panel Association alright if you not at this screen that means you are not using the correct code you want to make sure you use the installer code so after you go after your at this screen you hit program top-left you hit the down arrow key one time and now you should see the six programming in the bottom right hand corner once I'm in six programming it actually lets me know all you need to do is remove the battery tab insert batteries or activate device so most of these sensors already come with the batteries installed and they come with a little tab that you pull which will activate the battery in in the sensors right now I have mine uninstalled so I can show you guys what its gonna look like so I'm gonna start off with the six combo just so you guys can see how easy this system actually programs the zones in automatically when I do the six programming so first thing I'm gonna do I'm gonna tilt the back cover off now normally if you guys were learning this in manually you would have to enter in each serial code which the six combo has two different serial codes right one for the smoke heat and the other one for the co when I do the six programming it's gonna learn all the zones in for me and you can go in and edit them who so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna start inserting the batteries you're gonna see that that around the time that I put the second or third one in the sensor will turn on this green light right here will start flashing and then it'll start rapidly flashing green that's how you know that the panel that assists that the sensor has not been learned into a previous panel if it's a steady green and it doesn't blink that means it's learning to a panel and you will need to default it all right so I'm gonna start inserting the batteries that's one two is this one okay three and then my fourth one four so now we have a steady green light it just very was steady it enrolled into the panel now if you look at the system here you see that it has a serial number just a the first general one which is a six smoke that she'll but if I go into edit it's gonna actually show me that it learned in the smoke heat and the co now if you want you can actually go in and go into the description you can give it a name right there from that screen description - you can have one go all go what that means is if you have multiple of these let me see if yeah so if you select one go all go and you have multiple six combos or smokes or seals or anything like that that are six devices one go logo means that if one of them goes off then it's gonna start making each one of the six combos or six modes or CEOs all over the house go off as well so it's not just that one sensor going off its gonna relay the message and every one of the six smoke seals are gonna go off or the six combos all right you can actually hit if you want to verify for the smoke right so for smoke detectors you have a fire with verification or fire no verification what that means is if once it's not once it's mounted let's say you have it in the kitchen you know sometimes when you're cooking smoke goes up to the chamber well if you have it fire with verification what it does is the smoke goes into the chamber you then have 30 seconds before the sensor checks again to see if there's still smoke in there that gives you time especially if it in the kitchen again to grab a towel and just air the smoke out of there especially if you've been cooking obviously this is like in the living room second floor something like that you may want to leave the verify off as you don't want the sensor to have to recheck as soon as it senses the smoke it automatically sends a signal to the panel and out to the Central Station so you can actually also select here if you want one of them disabled or not so like let's say I didn't want to do Co I can just tap that and it won't learn it in if I didn't want to do heat and I wanted to do co you could do that you can turn off the alarm report don't think that's something you'd want to turn off especially if you're being monitored by a Central Station as if you turn the alarm report off that means the sensor the system will not send the alarm signal for that zone or sensor out to the Central Station so if you're being monitored by a Central Station make sure you have the alarm report turned on for sure all right I'm gonna leave all three enabled yeah so again it's just a simple top and it actually lets me know what zone they're all being learned in to you so you see give me a moment I'm gonna disable them all and then really enable them just so I get a nice order here so it'll learn into zone 3 zone 4 and zone 5 all right I'm gonna hit save by the way the reason to learn into zone 3 is because the first two zones are the lyrics hardwired zones yeah so your wireless zones for the lyrics start at zone 3 all right now that is my six combo and just to show you guys that it works with all of the six series devices I am going to show you guys now the 6ct so again this one usually comes with a battery tab if your first time opening it that you just pull out I have my battery uninstalled you're gonna see as soon as I put my battery in let me see you okay as soon as I put my battery in it should pop populate on this screen the green light starts rapidly flashing green and then it just takes a second or two for it to populate into there I mean one moment I'm gonna see if I put the cover on if it activates anything so right now I see the green light blinking through the white case and there we go so you guys can literally leave your lyric on this screen and if you guys if all your sensors are sick series you can literally just pull the battery tabs remove and reinsert the bad and all of the sensors that you're learning in will populate in on this screen it's gonna make programming so much easier for you guys and again since I just learned my 60 T in I can go ahead and click on the six contact right here I can hit edit and you'll see right there it automatically learns in as a read switch learns in to zone six and if you hit edit you can actually go in and change the zone description I'll change mine so let's say front door yeah the device type I'll switch it to door entry type I'll leave it as a entry exit and again it gives you all the same options a long report yes if you wanted to chime if you want it supervised if you want to check the serial number just to make sure you can go ahead and match it up serial number with serial number and it all has it has it there if you guys want to do the same thing with the smoke see it with a smoke combo with a six combo you guys can also also match up the serial number and make sure everything is correct but again if you're if you're doing the six programming feature you can honestly get every six device pull the battery tabs and they'll learn in automatically if you guys do have any questions on this six programming feature feel free to email us our email is support at alarmgrid calm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm George I'll see you guys next time