Using the SiXCOMBO for Only Smoke or Only Heat Detection

Using the SiXCOMBO for Only Smoke or Only Heat Detection

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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains how you can use the Honeywell SiXCOMBO for only smoke or only heat detection if needed. The Honeywell SiXCOMBO is a combination life-safety sensor that offers three (3) main functions. These are smoke detection, heat detection, and carbon monoxide (CO) detection. Each function can be toggled ON or OFF as needed. So if you want to disable smoke detection and/or heat detection for the SiXCOMBO, then that is certainly possible.

There are a few reasons why you might want to disable smoke detection or heat detection on a Honeywell SiXCOMBO. These reasons mostly fall under the category of preventing false alarms on the system. If you are using the SiXCOMBO in an area where smoke detection might cause false alarms then you might disable smoke detection. But you can keep heat detection enabled so that the device can still respond to a fire. One example could be if you are using the SiXCOMBO in a bathroom, and the vapors from the shower could potentially activate the smoke detector. Another example is if you are using the SiXCOMBO in the kitchen and the smoke from cooking could potentially activate the sensor.

Some users in hot areas will disable heat detection for false alarm prevention. The heat sensor on the SiXCOMBO is designed to activate at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you live in an extremely hot climate where the temperature occasional exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit, then you might disable that feature for safety. Another example is if you install the SiXCOMBO near a furnace, you might turn off heat detection to prevent a false alarm. Really, these situations are on a case by case basis, and you will need to decide if having smoke and/or heat detection on your SiXCOMBO could potentially cause a false alarm.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, DIYers. This Is Michael from Alarm Grid, and today, I'm going to explain how you can use the Honeywell SiXCOMBO combination smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensor for only smoke or only heat detection. So like I said, the SiXCOMBO, it's a combination sensor. It offers three main detection functions, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. Now, when you go into the programming for the SiXCOMBO, you'll see that each of those three functions are listed individually, and you can actually toggle them on or off. So why would you want to do this? So there are certain cases, certain areas of a home or business, where it might make sense to turn off smoke detection, for instance, or it might make sense to turn off heat detection. In most cases, you want to have all functions enabled so that way it's more likely to detect an emergency. By having both smoke and heat enabled, the sensor can respond to a fire more quickly and more accurately, and carbon monoxide, of course, you want to have that enabled, because carbon monoxide is very dangerous. But if there was an area where it made sense to turn it off. For example, if you had a kitchen, and someone frequently burns the stir fry, then you might want to turn off smoke detection, because the smoke from the burnt food could activate the sensor and trigger a false alarm on your system. So in that case, you might say, hey, for this area only, we're going to turn off smoke detection, but we'll still have heat detection, because if there's an extremely high temperature, that would only be found in a fire, then burnt food's not going to cause that by the sensor. So you could still have heat detection and carbon monoxide detection, but you won't have smoke detection. Another area that you have a sense, a smoke detector, a SiXCOMBO or a SiXCOMBO in your bathroom. And the humidity from the shower, bathroom activities, then it can trigger a false alarm, potentially, for the smoke detector. That's just something that could happen. So in that area, again, you might keep heat on, put smoke off. Maybe you have a furnace room, and it's very hot in that room because the furnace is running, and maybe it's a cramped furnace room or something and you know that the temperature could theoretically get above 135 degrees. It could. And you know that having a heat detection enabled could trigger a false alarm on your system, but you're not going to have a false alarm due to smoke in that area, so you might have smoke detection and not heat detection. So you can toggle these on and off individually. Those are just some examples. Often, it's a good idea to turn off smoke detection in a garage or an attic, because those are our dusty areas and those could potentially trigger false alarms. I use to live in Arizona, actually, and it would get up to around 125 degrees, believe it or not, and so maybe in that area I would turn off heat detection. It's just an example there. So if you want to toggle these on and off, you have the option to do so. Remember that each of these functions will use its own zone on the Lyric system. So by turning one of these functions off, you can save a zone on your lyrics, so that's another benefit. But anyway, so that that's just an overview of what you can do. But let's get into it. So we have our SiXCOMBO already enrolled with our Lyric system. We're at the main screen of our Lyric right here, with a nice security menu in the upper left corner, and we're going to choose that button right there, and then we're going to choose tools. And we're going to enter in our installer code, which is at the default of 4112, and we're going to choose Program. I'm going to press the down arrow, and we're going to choose SiXCOMBO Programming. And then we have our six smoke/CO sensor right there. That's the one we're going to be working with today. Just to show you how we can do this. So we can press the button right here, the zone. The sensor, I mean. The six sensor, and it's highlighted blue, and then we press Edit down here in the bottom left corner. And you see we get to this programming screen, where we can configure various settings for the SiXCOMBO device. Now, let's say I want to turn off smoke. We could press the button right there, and you see that the option goes away. We no longer have the option to do alarm report or verify function, because we have turned off smoke detection. When it's gray, it's off, and when it's green, it's on. So right now, we have heat detection and we have carbon monoxide detection, but we don't have smoke detection. If we want to turn it back on, we can press the button again, and you see it turns back green. We do want to keep our report enabled for anyone that's turned on, because that's how the system sends a signal to alarm net so that way, it can be forwarded to the central station and/or the end user, via text and/or email, depending on their monitoring plan. So in most cases, these are live safety sensors you will most certainly want to have alarm report on. There is a verify option where it has to detect smoke twice within a certain period of time in order to activate. That's a false alarm prevention function, which you can choose to use. We have other information of that on our website, but all of these you can turn on or off. Like say we didn't want carbon monoxide detection for whatever reason, we could turn that off. If we didn't want heat detection, we can turn that off as well. Now, it's just a smoke detector and now we turn off smoke detection, and now we have a sensor that's doing absolutely nothing. So it's not using any zones on the system. But we do want ours on. Right now, we have them all off, so let's turn them back on. We press the button, we have smoke detection. We press the button, we have heat detection, and we press the button, and now we have carbon monoxide detection and we have all of ours enabled. You can turn those on or off as you please. Remember to press the Save button in the bottom right corner so that way it saves the changes. If you don't press the Save button, then you won't apply the changes, and it looks like we have one go all go off here. We want that on so that, all of the other SiXCOMBO and six smoke devices on the system will activate. So we have ours set up the way that we want. Everything's on, smoke, heat, CO, and one-go-all-go. We're going to save, and that's how you can make the changes there. So that's how you can use the SiXCOMBO for only smoke or only heat. If you turn off the other functions, then it will only do the function that you keep enabled. So you can set those up however you want. So if you have any questions about the SiXCOMBO or the Honeywell Lyric alarm system, send an email to If you found this video helpful, make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos. We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you.