What Happens On My Lyric Controller When AC Power Goes Out?

What Happens On My Lyric Controller When AC Power Goes Out?

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In this video, Jarrett explains what happens to a Honeywell Lyric Controller when the AC power is lost. This can be caused by the electricity going out or by the AC transformer being unplugged from the wall outlet. Fortunately, the panel has a backup battery to keep it running whenever this happens.

AC power represents the primary power source for a Honeywell Lyric Controller. This is how the system should remain running the vast majority of the time. Using a backup battery is only recommended for the rare instances in which AC power is unavailable. In the event that AC power is lost, a user should work to restore it as soon as possible. This is because the system can only remain running on backup power for a limited duration of time. Once the battery power is also lost, the system will shut down entirely. To

Additionally, certain system features are made unavailable when AC power is lost. If a Lyric System is running on backup power, then all Z-Wave functionality will be lost. Incoming commands from Total Connect 2.0 and AlarmNet360 will not be received. Any outbound events that are sent by the system will not be logged in Total Connect 2.0. Any current firmware download sessions will be immediately stopped. The touchscreen will go dark after a few seconds of inactivity. Help videos and the video button will not work. Certain advanced system options will be unavailable. Keep in mind that these are just some of the issues that occur when AC power is lost.

Restoring AC power to a Honeywell Lyric System is very easy. If the transformer was unplugged, simply plugging it back in will restore AC power. If the electricity went out, the user should wait for it to come back or use a power generator. If the system was shut off entirely, restoring AC power will have it power back on automatically.




hi DIYs Jarrett with alarmgrid here today we're going to be demonstrating what happens with a hundred world lyric system when there's an AC power loss now whenever there is a power loss to the lyric they do go into a power conservation mode so any non-essential features will either be disabled or go into a power conservation mode the honeywell lyric does work a little bit differently than its previous counterparts which we which would be the Lynx touch panels but that's basically to conserve more power during an AC loss or an extended AC lost all right so to demonstrate what happens to the Honeywell lyric during it during a power loss I'm going to unplug the power to our lyric system so I'll be right back alright so as you can see after about a minute of a power loss the bass green does turn off the home button stays on and also the panic button stays on now after about five minutes the panic button does turn off but even though the backlight is turned off and you can't see anything on the screen for right now any type of zone faults or an alarm the system will chime and it will give you an audible announcement if you do have that enabled so for example it does still let you know that there is a center fault not available now after about 10 minutes of the of an AC power loss the Wi-Fi and saw module if installed are powered down now if there's ever an alarm the communicators will turn back on and send a signal to your Central Station now just to let you know if you were to try to connect to your lyric system through Total Connect 2.0 within this 10 minutes more likely you will not be able to establish connection because the communicators will be powered down if there is a fetch or push or a firmware updates via AlarmNet 360 or through the USB they also will be disconnected due to the power loss now also use the wave module will be disabled as well does not mean you will lose all the programming to use the wave montt you z-wave devices it just means that during an AC loss the lyric system will not be able to control usually we have devices and also there are a couple of features disabled in the lyric system itself so to turn on the backlight you can either touch the screen or you can touch the home button so as you can see the video button and the help videos we'll both be disabled so no matter how many times you press them nothing will happen and then also the install of battery backup install cellular communicator install I mean sorry update key firmware or update sensor firmware will all be disabled as well in the Honeywell lyric system so that is what happens when there's an AC power loss on the honeywell lyric if you have any questions about the honeywell lyric system or long systems in general please contact us at support and alarm.com or go to our website alarmed good comm if you found this video helpful please like subscribe and if you want any notifications on future videos please click the bell icon this is Jarrett with alarmgrid give yourself a great day