• Leviton's Z-Wave home automation products are incredible, their quality unparalleled. If you are looking for home automation products to pair with your Z-Wave compatible controller, the Leviton product line features the best devices you will find anywhere.

  • Altronix produces low voltage electronic components for security, environmental, life-safety and home automation systems. Tested to ensure reliability even under the most strenuous of conditions, Altronix products are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding systems.

  • Honeywell was founded in 1906, and has since set the standard for electronics of all sorts ranging from aerospace systems to the home security products and home automation systems you will find on Alarm Grid. If what you are looking for is the most reliable home security system on the market, Honeywell's line of security products will not disappoint.

  • Recognzed for their incredible quality, Ultratech is the producer of some of the best quality lead acid batteries in their price range. Used in numerous applications throughout many industries, they are the recommended backup power source for many of Alarm Grid's best selling security products.

  • WBOX is a brand focused on quality of product. While not manufacturing any of the products that bear the imprimatur, the WBOX tech is protected by a warranty and an easy exchange policy implemented by WBOX themselves.

  • 2Gig technologies, a Nortek company, is one of the biggest and most well known security system makers in the US.

  • ADT is the largest and oldest home security companies in the United States. While not affiliated with Alarm Grid in any way, ADT's products are found in thousands and thousands of homes in the United States.

  • GE's security products are some of the most widely available in the field. These reliable security systems have been installed in millions of homes, and are still responsible for the safety of those locations. We carry all sorts of GE security parts, including systems and sensors. We can also monitor these systems. Feel free to give us a call or send an email to if you are trying to figure out which system or system sensors are right for you.