1000-Feet 18/2 Alarm Wire

If you need 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cable, then Alarm Grid is your go-to source. We offer top-quality wiring for your alarm system. Buy your cabling from Alarm Grid.
Genesis WG-11181101 boxed - 18 gauge 2 conductor (18/2) unshielded stranded cabling, 1000 foot box
1000 ft. Genesis WG-11181101 18 gauge 2 conductor (18/2)
unshielded stranded cabling
List Price: $274.00
Our Price: $185.99

Alarm Grid offers 1,000 foot rolls of 18-gauge, 2-conductor cabling for you to set up your hardwired alarm system and hardwired security sensors. This cabling is perfect for applications like connecting a panel to its transformer, installing an external siren or running wire to various security sensors. Our cabling is easy to work with and perfect for DIY users. With our 1,000 foot rolls, you will have extra cable to keep around. If you ever need to re-wire or make adjustments, the cable will certainly come in handy.

The 18-gauge wire thickness is perfect for use with alarm systems. It offers a winning combination of maximum wire run distance and general flexibility. You can use it for nearly any alarm system application that requires running wires. It is very important to keep on hand if you have a hardwired system. You never know when you may need to add a new hardwired sensor or a new wired accessory. And when you add the new accessory, you will want some wire around.

The 2-conductor portion of the name identifies that there are are two smaller inner wires inside the larger cable. This is ideal for sensors and devices that require a 2-wire connection. Keep in mind that some sensors may require a 4-wire connection. For those devices, you will most likely want to use an 18-gauge, 4-conductor wire instead. This cabling will have four inner wires instead of the two inner wires found with 18-2. Some users may want to keep both types of hand.

Alarm Grid offers stranded cabling, which is easy for DIY users to work with. Unlike solid core cabling, stranded cabling can be cut and spliced without being easily damaged. This is perfect for completing self-installs when you want to use wire that is simple and easy to work with. At 18-gauge, this is the recommended wire thickness for setting up your alarm system. You can keep it around and use it for nearly any hardwired security application.

We offer cabling products from Genesis. This is a company owned by Resideo, formerly Honeywell and formerly Ademco. Its roots in the alarm industry go way back. You can count on Genesis for providing top-quality cabling for virtually all your alarm system needs. The inner wires consist of stranded copper that is perfect for both data and power transmission as needed. With our cabling, you get great versatility and flexibility and you really can't go wrong. Get all your cabling from Genesis and Alarm Grid.

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