Analog Video Converters

An analog video converter will allow you to take an analog security camera and use it with an interactive service platform that would normally use IP cameras. This is good for using existing security cameras with a interactive service like Buy your analog video converters from Alarm Grid.
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Analog video converters are great if you ever want to bring over an existing analog converter and start using it with an interactive service platform. Many people with security systems use interactive service platform for arming and disarming, checking system status, and controlling Z-Wave smart home devices. These platforms are also perfect for checking the live feed and recorded clips for your security cameras. However, this is only possible with compatible security cameras. This usually requires choosing from a very specific camera lineup.

Interactive service platform like offer their own lineup of security cameras that can only be used with their service. These are usually IP cameras that connect to the network through a hardwired ethernet connection or wirelessly through a local WIFI network. If you have existing security cameras that are not compatible with an interactive service platform, then you may need to replace them entirely. In some cases though, it may be possible to make them compatible with your interactive platform. That is where analog video converters come into play.

An analog video converter takes an older-style analog video camera and allows it to communicate across a specific IP network. This will allow it to be used with a compatible interactive service platform. Please note that this will only work with analog security cameras. If you have digital cameras, then you may need to replace them entirely if you want to start using security cameras with your interactive service platform. But if you have analog cameras, then a converter may represent the ideal solution for your particular needs.

An example of an analog video converter is the ADC-VS121. This is a 1-channel analog video server that allows you to take a single analog camera and make it compatible with the Interactive Service Platform. This service is used by many Alarm Grid monitored customers for controlling their security systems. By using an ADC-VS121, you can take an analog camera and start using it as though it were an actual Camera. You can then use the camera with all of the same great features that offers.

There are many excellent advantages that come with integrating an analog video camera with an interactive platform like You will be able to access the interactive platform to view the live feed for your camera at any time. This can be done from anywhere using a mobile app on your smartphone. You can also set recording schedules to have the camera start recording at specific times of the day or with certain predetermined system events. You can even set up text and/or email notifications to alert you when the camera initiates a recording.

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