Custom Security Systems

Custom security systems allow you to create the perfect alarm system package for the unique needs of your home or business. Remember, you can always go on alarm grid to choose a security system and any combination of sensors to go along with it. Purchase a custom security system kit from Alarm Grid.
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A custom security system is a customized package of an alarm system with the set of sensors needed to outfit the building. Sometimes a pre-packaged security system kit doesn't fit the unique needs of the end user's property. They might need additional sensors and other equipment for properly secure the property. In these situations, the user might go with a custom security system kit.

In practice, a custom security system is really no different from any standard security system. The security system still consists mostly of an alarm control panel, an alarm monitoring communicator, and a variety of different sensors. At Alarm Grid, you can choose from a large variety of different alarm control panels and add the exact combination of sensors that you need to get started.

Designing a security system really isn't too difficult. You start by choosing an alarm control panel. This will serve as the brains for your security system. You will want to choose a panel that offers all the features and functions you want. The panel will also likely determine which sensors you use with your system. If you are replacing an existing security system, you may want to consider using a system that will work with the existing sensors.

Another important part of a security system is the communicator. This is what the panel uses to send outbound signals during alarm events. If your system doesn't have a proper communicator, then alarm monitoring service will be impossible. Most alarm systems use cellular communicator or IP communication. It's also possible to use both cellular and IP connectivity with a single system. This is sometimes referred to as a dual-path security system. In this setup, both communication paths will back each other up. Please note that cellular connectivity is more reliable than IP connectivity.

Sensors represent the final component you will be considering with your custom security system. These sensors are what make a custom security system different from a regular system. A custom security system will use the same sensors as any other security system. The difference is that your custom selection of sensors may be unique to your home or business. Alarm Grid sells certain kits with predetermined numbers of certain varieties of sensors. But if you require a specific numbers of specific sensors, then you will likely have to build your system from scratch.

Remember, you can always purchase a base security system kit from Alarm Grid and then add whatever sensors you need to go along with it. Just make sure the sensors you choose are compatible with the security panel that you selected. Most alarm systems allow end users to enroll new sensors very easily. You just need to know the system's Installer Code and enter programming. You will then be able to learn-in new sensors with your system. You can customize the settings so that the system responds in the manner that you want.

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