How Do I Program a Wireless Zone on My Honeywell VISTA-21iP?

Wireless zones are added to the Honeywell Vista-21iP through *56 zone programming, which is accessed once inside panel programming. Zone programming through *56 is menu driven and requires the use of a alpha keypad, such as the 6160RF. To add a wireless zone, perform the following steps.

  1. Enter Programming. At the alpha keypad, enter Installer Code (default is 4112) + [8] + [00]. If you do not know the installer code, you can use the back door to enter programming.
    Once in programming, you should see "Installer Code 20" on the display. If you only see the number 20, your keypad is a fixed English model, and it does not support menu-driven programming. If you used the back door to enter programming, press #20, and then note the 4 digit installer code. Then press *99 to exit programming. Return when you have the appropriate keypad, and restart the process from the beginning.
  2. Enter Zone Programming. Press [*56] to enter zone programming. You will be prompted "Set to Confirm 0=No, 1=Yes". This prompt pertains directly to wireless zone programming. Pressing 1 will add a prompt for you to "XMIT to Confirm" after each serial number has been entered. Faulting and restoring the wireless device at this point will confirm that the serial number/loop number programmed is the same as the one which just transmitted. If you would like to confirm serial numbers, press [1]. Otherwise, press [0].
  3. Enter the zone number to be programmed. The first available wireless zone is zone 9, and the last available wireless zone is zone 64. Enter the 2 digit zone number you wish to program, then press [*].
  4. Skip the summary screen. You'll see a summary screen showing any programming that currently exists for the zone. Assuming you're programming this zone for the first time, the information on this screen will show defaults, as seen below. Press [*] to move to the next prompt.
  5. Enter the appropriate Zone Type. Choose a zone type for the zone being added. For a full description of each zone type, see the Installation Guide, pages 3-22 through 3-24. Once entered, press [*]
  6. Enter the appropriate partition number. The Vista-21iP has 2 separate partitions, plus a common partition. Select the correct partition number for this zone, then press [*].
  7. Enter a Report Code. The report code determines whether or not this zone will attempt to communicate with the monitoring station when it goes into alarm. When reporting Contact ID, anything in the first report code digit, other than a 0, will cause the zone to report. For any other format, check with the monitoring company to determine what should be entered here. The report code is entered in hexadecimal, so a report code of 31 is actually entered as [03] [01]. Press [*].
  8. Enter the Input Type. Wireless zones can be programmed as Supervised RF [3], Unsupervised RF [4] or Button RF [5]. Refer to the Installation Guide for the wireless transmitter to determine the appropriate input type. Press [*] once entered.
  9. Enter the Serial Number and Loop Number. When choosing any of the wireless input types, the next screen will ask for the serial number and loop number for the transmitter.
    To learn-in the device, fault and restore the zone 2 times. For Door/Window transmitters, this either means to open and close the door (if mounted) or to move the magnet away from the transmitter and then reattach it. Refer to the installation guide for each transmitter to see how to best to learn it into the panel. After the first transmission, the Serial Number and a loop number will be displayed. After the second transmission, the cursor will move over to the loop number. If the loop number is correct, Press [*]. If it is not, enter the correct loop number. Then press [*].
  10. XMIT to confirm. If you selected "Yes" on the "Set to Confirm" prompt in Step 2, you'll now see "XMIT to Confirm". Fault and restore the zone again, and the system will confirm that the same Serial Number and Loop Number have been programmed and transmitted. If the Serial Number/Loop Number received does not match that which was programmed, you'll see a screen showing programmed info vs. received info. Try transmitting again. If there is still not a match, press [#] twice, and then re-learn the Serial Number and Loop Number information. Then attempt to confirm again.
    Assuming the information transmitted does match what was programmed, you'll automatically be taken to another summary screen. This one will display all the information you programmed. Press [*]
  11. Skip Alpha Programming. The next prompt you see will be "Program Alpha? 0=No, 1=Yes". Press 0 for no. This will take you back to "Enter Zone Number". If you've finished programming, press [00] to exit zone programming. Then *99 to exit system programming. You will be able to program the alpha for the wireless zone later.

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