Cellular Security Systems

Cellular security systems are the most reliable systems on the market. Make sure that you can get signals out and alert the authorities of a break-in, get a cellular security system today.

Cellular security systems are some of the most secure packages available. Like a cell phone, these systems will talk to the Alarm Grid central station using whatever GSM service is available for your unit. For Honeywell, that means AT&T (US) or Rogers (Canada).

Except in rare circumstances, such as in an emergency, cellular systems rarely suffer from downtime. Think of how your cell phone nearly always allows you to make a phone call, no matter when it is. WIFI, on the other hand, can suffer from ups and downs, and for savvy burglars, the wires on a WIFI system could be cut, much like in the older phone-line systems. While the WIFI communication pathway is generally enough for most consumers, for those that want the most secure system on the market, cellular is definitely the way to go. While the monthly monitoring does come with added costs, the cellular communicator will ensure that your system has almost no downtime.

Since the WIFI communication pathway is the default pathway that comes with any of our base rates, we generally encourage users to equip their systems with both the WIFI or IP and GSM communicators, since the WIFI and IP communication does not add any cost to the monthly monitoring and it adds a second layer of redundancy in case the zombie apocalypse or, more likely, some other major emergency makes cellular signals difficult to transmit.

If you are looking to squeeze the most security out of your alarm system, Alarm Grid's cellular security systems are the most sophisticated, affordable option that you will find anywhere.

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