How Do I Connect My iPhone to a 2GIG GC3?

You can connect your iPhone to a 2GIG GC3 security system by adding a cellular communicator to the panel, and activating with Once the system is active, use the app on your iPhone to view system status, add users, and arm/disarm the system from just about anywhere.

You can activate your GC3 with by contacting an alarm monitoring company, and signing up for a service plan which includes cellular communication. After you have an appropriate plan, the monitoring company will help you activate your GC3 and get it set up with

Complete the following steps to connect an iPhone to a 2GIG GC3:

  1. Obtain a monitoring plan. You will need a monitoring plan that provides cellular service with in order to use your iPhone with the GC3. Contact an alarm monitoring company, and ask about their plans that include service.
  2. Activate the GC3 on You will need a cellular module in the GC3 panel in order to use it with Once the module has been installed, call the monitoring company and provide them with the module serial number so they can activate the system. You will want to be onsite during the activation in case they need you to perform any actions at the panel, such as sending a cell radio test.
  3. Login to from a computer. The monitoring company will send a welcome email which will help you set up access to By following the instructions provided in the email, you will create a password and log in. The username will be created as part of the account creation process, and will usually be the email address used.
  4. Download the app. On your iPhone, download the app. The app is available for free in the App Store, and is simply named “”. Once you have the app, you can log in using the credentials created above.

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